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Open positions available in county towns

January 24, 2013
COUNTY — The election filing period opened Jan. 23 across the county and those interested in holding public office in towns and school districts have until Feb. 1 to get their name on the ballot.

Last week we reported on positions in Ossipee and this week take a look at the positions that will be on the March ballot in Freedom, Effingham, and Tamworth.


There are eight town positions up for election this March. As of press time it was unconfirmed if any or all of the incumbents will be seeking re-election to their positions. On the Board of Selectmen, there is a three-year position currently held by Scott Cunningham. Other positions include three-year Town Clerk currently held by A. Elizabeth Priebe, three-year Road Agent currently held by Scott Brooks; three-year Trustee of Trust Funds, three-year Cemetery Trustee, two three-year Planning Board seats currently held by Anne Cunningham and Pamela Clemons-Keith; and a three-year Library Trustee position.

There are changes to the Freedom School Board this year, with their board going from three members to five. A three-year seat currently held by Brandon Knox is up for re-election and there are two additional three-year seats that need candidates as well. In addition, the one-year Auditor, Clerk, and Moderator positions will be on the ballot as well.

As is required by law, the Town Clerk's office be open to accept election filings during the regular business hours as well as from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 1 to accept last-minute filings. Elections will be held March 12.


This year there is a new position on the town ballot Town Auditor. During last year's Town Meeting here, Selectman Susan Slack explained that as result of a law that went into effect in September 2010, towns are required to have an audit done by a certified public accountant or by an elected auditor. Back in 2004, new accounting standards were adopted by the accounting industry, she said, that are not regulations or laws but standards of the industry. As a result, every year since 2004, the town has been paying for an audit only to get a letter from the auditing firm stating the town is not in compliance. Slack said the selectmen and office staff are working with other department heads and the auditing firm to bring the town into compliance with the standards. Slack said it is a waste of money to keep paying $20,000 a year for non-compliance letters as they work to get the town into compliance. The town's auditing firm will continue to review financial records of the town and prepare the required annual report of the town's financial status to the state Department of Revenue. The elected auditor, will receive a stipend of $500 to review all accounts and complete a state revenue department checklist, keeping the town in compliance with state law, as the work continues to meet the accounting standards.

In other positions up for election in Effingham in March are town Moderator, a three-year Trustee of Trust Funds, two three-year Library Trustee positions, two three-year Budget Committee positions, two three-year Planning Board positions, and two three-year Zoning Board positions. A three-year selectmen's seat currently held by Susan Slack will also be on the ballot.


There are 13 positions to choose from for those who desire to see election to public office in Tamworth this year.

A three-year selectmen's seat currently held by Robert Abraham is up for election. Mary Mills was elected as Town Treasurer last March but resigned. Mariette Ross has been filling that position, which is up for election to a one-year term this year. Two three-year Planning Board seats will be on the ballot and are currently held by Rebecca Boyden and Skip Nason, as is also a one-year seat on that board.

Candidates are also being sought for positions of three-year Trustee of Trust Funds, three-year Cemetery Trustee, three three-year Library Trustee positions, Fireward-North, and Fireward-South.

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