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Corrections officers back on the job after court hearing

December 27, 2012
OSSIPEE — Plea agreements were reached in the case of the three Carroll County Corrections officers charged with serving alcohol to minors and received the judge's stamp of approval on Dec. 19. The three officers are now back on the job.

The complete police investigation has been requested but as of press time was not made available. Ossipee Police Sgt, Robert King told Judge Robert Varney at Third Circuit Court in Ossipee Dec. 19 that on Sept. 7 police received a call from a complainant at 101 Ridge Road in Ossipee who said the adults in the home and the children were awoken by what appeared to be a party at the Medina residence on Ridge Road. They complained they could hear "several loud males" and loud vehicles as well as a female "yelling and swearing." Ossipee Police, joined by officers from N.H. State Police went to the house where they located Callie Roderigues, 18, and Michael Medina, 22. King said, according to the responding officer's report, that Roderigues appeared to be intoxicated. Both she and 17-year-old Savannah Rudloff-Kimball were given breathalyzer tests to determine if they were, in fact, intoxicated. King said Rodrigues' blood alcohol content measured .09 and Kimball's .05. Both were taken into custody.

King said that, with Medina's permission, officers went inside his apartment where they found what they described as a drinking game that was set up in the residence and "several empty containers of alcohol."

On Oct. 17 police received a signed warrant and on Oct. 19 Medina was arrested along with Taylor Goddard, 21, of New Durham, and William Lewis, 26, of Conway. The three were charged with prohibited sale of alcohol which is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a $2,000 fine and one year in jail.

Following their arrest, jail officials conducted an internal investigation and the superintendent made the decision the three men would remain on the job until their cases made their way through the court system. But then in a non-posted, non-public session on Oct. 31, county commissioners Dorothy Solomon and David Sorensen, reportedly on recommendation of the county attorney, made the decision the three would be placed on administrative leave. They met again, in a posted non-public meeting which included all three commissioners, to take the vote again and came to the same conclusion. The men were placed on administrative leave with pay and now, as of press time, have returned to their jobs.

At the court hearing, Ossipee attorney Jay Clough represented all three men. He asked to have the three cases consolidated as one package plea agreement but Judge Varney preferred hearing each case separately. In a matter of twenty minutes, a plea agreement that had been worked out between Clough, prosecutors, and county commissioners was approved by Judge Varney.

Lewis and Goddard both entered a plea of not guilty and Varney placed the charges on file without finding. If they each now stay on good behavior for a year and complete 25 hours of community service, their charges will be dismissed.

Medina pled guilty to a lesser charge of allowing underage persons to drink. He was ordered to be on good behavior for a year and also complete 25 hours of public service. If he does not comply with those terms he will have to play a $500 fine.

King said he is working with Clough and the three men and are "in the process of implementing a relatively complex form of community service" that the three will be working on together.

Kimball and Roderigues are set to go to court in January to face their charges of possession of alcohol.

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