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Sports awards cap the fall season

Kennett community honors fall student-athletes

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

KENNETT’S FALL AWARD winners included front row (l to r), Hannah Benson (cross country), Jordan Murphy (girls’ soccer), Shelby Hill (girls’ soccer) and Jordan Dicey (volleyball). Back row (l to r), Andrew Casella (cross country), Emily Watson (field hockey), Vonde Saunders (field hockey), Conor Macdonald (football) and Alex Fauver (boys’ soccer). Brian Wanek (mountain biking), Robert Schrader (mountain biking), Nate Ela (golf) and Hannah Miller (spirit) were not in attendance. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
November 26, 2012
NORTH CONWAY — On the first official day of practice for many of the winter sports teams, the Kennett community gathered to reflect on the fall sports season at the school.

The annual fall sports awards took place in the school auditorium and began with a video featuring highlights and photos from the fall season, put together by student Jordan Murphy.

Athletic Director Kerry Brady then took the podium to thank everyone for making it a successful season.

"Thanks for coming to watch our athletes throughout the season," she told the parents and other community members in attendance. She then went on to note that Kennett had ranked highest in Division II for sportsmanship when all teams were combined together for the fall season.

"That is a great accomplishment for our student-athletes, our coaches and our fans, who come and watch our student-athletes participate," Brady said.

First up on the docket for the sports awards ceremony was the mountain biking team, with coach Chris Darling and assistant Sam Anderson presenting the Golden Spoke Award.

Darling thanked all the volunteers who helped to make the season a success for his pedalers.

"We couldn't do it without your help," he said.

He noted that the Golden Spoke Award was tough to determine this season, but he presented it to two riders who have shown commitment, sportsmanship and great teamwork over the past three years, Robert Schrader and Brian Wanek.

Next up on the docket was golf coach Joe Soraghan, who took a quick moment to recognize all the student-athletes across all the sports for their accomplishments throughout the year.

He also noted that he had the pleasure of having four athletes for all four years of their high school career and would miss having John Brown, Ben Garner, Nate Ela and Quinn Duffy around next year.

"They are all wonderful people to work with," he said.

He then presented the Golfer of the Year award to Ela, who finished strong in the Division II tournament and qualified for the individual championships as well.

Coach Danielle Shuler was up next for the Volleyball Award and she and assistant Stefanie Zimerle thanked volunteer assistant Alyssa Chick for her help again this season.

For the award, Shuler noted that the recipient was dedicated and showed great team spirit, wanting to never come out of the game. She proved versatile in playing numerous positions and even when injuries slowed her down, she was still doing all she could for the team.

"She had an amazing upbeat personality," Shuler said. "And always put the team before her self."

Shuler then presented the award to Jordan Dicey.

Cross country coach Bernie Livingston was next to the podium for his team awards. He noted that the awards go to the member of each team, who on the field and in the school, best represent the qualities of loyalty to Kennett High School, citizenship and sportsmanship, both as a follower and a leader.

He then presented the Cross Country Awards to Andrew Casella and Hannah Benson.

Spirit coach Holly Fougere came next and noted that her award recipient did everything that was asked of her, from being a base to being a flyer, which was key to the success of the team.

"We needed her to be flexible," Fougere said in presenting the award to Hannah Miller.

The Sam Fuller Award was next on the schedule and football coach Mike Holderman took to the podium to explain that the award is given to a senior who shows strong leadership skills and a tremendous work ethic.

"He always gave whatever he had, no matter what," Holderman said in presenting the award to Conor Macdonald.

Next to the podium was girls' soccer coach Courtney Turchan, to present the Suzy Engler Award. The award is given to the athletes who demonstrate leadership and sportsmanship and athletic ability. She noted that this year's recipients also brought in positive attitudes and were truly an honor to coach.

She then presented the Suzy Engler Award to Shelby Hill and Jordan Murphy.

Boys' soccer coach Dave Hart took the podium next and noted that his award winner showed promise from day one.

"From the first day of training to the last game, he showed a consistent and improving level of commitment to the team and worked hard to improve as a player and a young man," Hart said. "He's a great model of a student-athlete and a solid representative of the soccer program at Kennett High School."

Hart then presented the Boys' Soccer Award to Alex Fauver.

The last coach on the list was field hockey coach CJ Lang, who had two awards to present.

First up was the John Marsden Award, given to the senior who shows sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Lang noted that the winner was truly committed to the team and worked hard to make the team successful.

She presented the John Marsden Award to Emily Watson.

The Deryl Fleming Award was the second field hockey honor of the evening and is given to a player who has dedication and love for the game of field hockey.

"She has an incredible work ethic and is always striving to continue to improve," Lang stated. "And she's a leader on and off the field."

Lang then presented the Deryl Fleming Award to Vonde Saunders.

After the major awards were passed out, the teams moved on to separate team awards and letter presentations to round out the evening.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at sportsgsn@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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