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Landslide win for Richardi in County Sheriff's race

Gordon to return as County Attorney, Babson unseats Solomon

NEWLY-ELECTED SHERIFF DOMENIC RICHARDI (seated, left) celebrated with his supporters Tuesday night at the River’s Edge Tavern at the Indian Mound Golf Club in Ossipee. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
November 08, 2012
COUNTY — Carroll County voters turned out in record numbers with many registering to vote for the first time Tuesday so they could participate in what became a very exciting Election Day. In Tamworth an 82 percent voter turnout was reported; in Madison 81 percent; in Ossipee 80 percent; and in Wolfeboro a whopping 89 percent of voters cast their ballot.

Here is how the election for County offices ended up.

There's a new Sheriff in town

If at first you don't succeed it's perfectly fine to try again. And again. The third try was a charm for Domenic Richardi who, come January, will be the Carroll County Sheriff's Department new "Unit 1".

After eking out a win in the September Primary against incumbent Christopher Conley for the Republican nomination by just a margin of 138 votes, Richardi advanced on to the Nov. 6 election to face Independent Francis Lord of Ossipee. Richardi worked hard for Tuesday's win and spent the evening at River's Edge Tavern in Center Ossipee surrounded by family and friends awaiting the results. In the end, it was a landslide with the final tally of Richardi 20,617 and Lord 5,495.

County Attorney

The most negative campaign in this area matched former county attorney, Robin Gordon, against an attorney that she hired who now works as an assistant county attorney, Stephen Murray. Election night was a nail biter with the final result unclear until the next morning when Tuftonboro's results finally arrived. Unofficial results have Gordon claiming victory in a vote of 13,423 for her and 12,141 for Murray.

County Commissioners

A newcomer who's never yet held political office, Erik Corbett (D-Bartlett) actually did very well as voters across the county gave him at least 10,000 of their votes in his attempt to unseat longtime county commissioner David Sorensen. It wasn't enough though as Sorensen (R-Eaton) was ahead by at least 2,000 with only a couple of small towns left to report.

As of press time, David Babson (R-Ossipee) had a sizeable lead over incumbent county commissioner Dorothy Solomon (D-Albany), enough that we declare Solomon the winner in that race. Throughout the election season both Babson and Solomon spoke kindly of each other with Babson even thanking Solomon at public debates for the excellent job she has done in her years as commissioner.

Other county offices

In the other county races for Registrar of Deeds, Registrar of Probate, and County Treasurer the incumbents ran unopposed and Ann Aiton, Henry Mock, and Jack Widmer were all re-elected.

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