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Inmate pleads guilty to attacking fellow inmate in county jail

November 08, 2012
OSSIPEE — A plea agreement has been reached in the case of a Carroll County Jail inmate who seriously beat another inmate in May.

Ombleo Daniels, 41, was indicted in August on a charge that he "repeatedly punched and hit Michael Petelis about the head, face, and body" and seriously injured him in the May 26 attack. Information obtained about the attack reveals that a corrections officer had escorted Petelis to a day room. Daniels was not in his cell but rather hiding out in a shower in the day room, waiting for Petelis. As soon as the corrections officer left the day room, Daniels jumped out of the shower and attacked Petelis. Sources say that Petelis' nose was broken in the attack.

Judge Stephen Houran confirmed the plea agreement Nov. 6 in Carroll County Superior Court. On the charge of assault by a prisoner, Daniels will serve no less than one year but no more than three years in jail. The order also reads that Daniels "shall have no contact with Michael Petelisto the extent the defendant is incarcerated at the same facility with Mr. Petelis shall not commit any acts of abuse or harassment against Mr. Petelis."

Petelis has been in jail since Spring 2011 awaiting formal charges in connection with the murder of a Portland, Maine mother in April 2011. The mother, 20-year-old Krista Dittmeyer was murdered by Anthony Papile of Ossipee after she was lured to Petelis' apartment in Ossipee under a scheme to rob her of money and drugs. Prosecutors have alleged that Petelis helped Papile get rid of Dittmeyer's body in a snowmaking pond in North Conway. Papile was sentenced to over 40 years in prison. A third man, Trevor Ferguson, was sentenced to seven to 22 years in prison for giving Petelis and Papile a ride from North Conway back to Ossipee in exchange for gas money and drugs.

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