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Joyce Endee

Five Democrats elected to county delegation

November 08, 2012
COUNTY — In the 2010 election it was easy to predict that the Republicans were going to sweep the county offices and likely capture all of the state representative races here. But this Tuesday, Nov. 6, up until the election results were finally tallied no one was really sure which party was going to take over.

As it turns out, one party didn't take over, as voters turned out in droves electing candidates from both parties.

In District One, longtime representative Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) easily beat out opponent Gino Funicella (D-Jackson) 1,525-920 and will represent the towns of Bartlett, Jackson, and Hart's Location.

There was a six-way race for three District Two spots and it was a close one. Former representative Tom Buco (D-Conway), who was swept out of office in the Republican sweep of 2010, received the most votes in the District Two race (2,650) and will be joined by incumbent Karen Umberger (R-Conway) and Syndi White (D-Conway) in representing Conway, Hale's Location, Chatham, and Eaton. Incumbent Frank McCarthy (R-Conway) received 2,335 votes; Richard McClure (R-Hale's Location) 1,901 votes; and Dick Pollock (D-Conway) 2,320.

Newcomer Maynard Thomson (R-Freedom) lost his election bid for one of two District Three spots. Incumbent Mark McConkey (R-Freedom) and Susan Ticehurst (D-Tamworth) won and will be representing the towns of Freedom, Tamworth, Albany, and Madison for the next two years.

Democrat Chip Albee of Tuftonboro captured 2,418 votes in the three-way District Four race but it wasn't quite enough to beat out his opponents Republicans Glenn Cordelli and Karel Crawford. These two newcomers to county politics were elected with votes of 2,533 and 2,771, to represent Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro.

Voters in District 5 chose to send incumbent Harry Merrow (R-Ossipee) back to Concord to represent the towns of Ossipee, Effingham, Wakefield and Brookfield. He will be joined by two Brookfield newcomers to the county and state political arena, Democrat Tom Lavender and Republican Bill Nelson. Former state representative J. Lisbeth Olimpio (R-Wakefield) lost her election bid.

Wolfeboro Republicans Stephen Schmidt and Chris Ahlgren easily won their bid for re-election and will represent their town, the only town in District 6, for the next two years.

Democrat Ed Butler will return to the State House to represent one of two new floterial districts that includes nine towns. He was challenged by, but easily won against, former state representative Norman Tregenza (R-Conway) in a vote of 6,926 to 4,663.

Lastly, in the District 8 race, a district that is the other floterial that represents seven towns, former state representative Susan Wiley (D-Sandwich) lost her election bid to newcomer Donald "Ted" Wright (R-Tuftonboro) in a vote of 5,441 to 4,838. "A long night it was, but SO wonderful to get some independent thinkers into the mix for state representatives in Carroll County. We'll close that divide and the follow-the-leader mentality in Concord," said Wiley.

In addition to serving as state representatives, those elected also make up the county delegation which is responsible for approving and overseeing the annual county budget and expenditures. In summary, the county delegation is made up of 15 representatives of which five are Democrat and 10 Republican. Of the 15, seven are newcomers to county and state politics. They will be sworn into their respective offices in December.

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