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Richardi edges Conley in County Sheriff contest

Babson, Sorensen top commissioners races; Gordon bests Bolander

EFFINGHAM CHECKLIST SUPERVISORS kept track of voters and registered new ones including Charlie Mercier on Primary Tuesday. Pictured here are supervisors Cheryle Feirick, Sheila Jones, and Rebecca Harrington. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
September 13, 2012
COUNTY — The Sept. 11 Primary left interested voters on the edge of their seats as the voting results slowly trickled in from polling places throughout Carroll County. While there were a couple of close races, the one that most seemed to have their eye on was the county sheriff's race.

Supporters and family of sheriff candidate Domenic Richardi (R-Conway) gathered at River's Edge Tavern at Indian Mound Golf Course in Center Ossipee after the polls closed and quickly began posting unofficial voting results on Facebook, claiming victory around 11 p.m. Once the official results were released, it was a close one, but nonetheless a victory for Richardi, as he beat out incumbent Christopher Conley (R-Wolfeboro) in a vote of 2,962 to 2,824.

Conley won in Brookfield, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tuftonboro, Wakefield, and Wolfeboro, but Richardi managed to garner the votes he needed in the remaining 13 towns and unincorporated places to eke out the victory by 138 votes.

When reached following the results announcement, Richardi said he was obviously very excited about the win that didn't come easily and that he is not taking for granted. He credits a strong network of supporters for helping him win his third try at the sheriff's seat. "They just don't know how greatly I appreciate the work they did. There were so many people helping. We took the lessons learned from past campaigns and created a new approach and it worked," said Richardi. The work doesn't stop though and he won't stop reaching out to people and seeking their support for the November 6 general election in which he will face off against Independent candidate Francis Lord of Ossipee.

County Attorney

In a vote of 1,854 to 1,407 Robin Gordon won the Democratic nomination, beating out opponent Diana Bolander. Gordon will face off against Stephen Murray (R-Wolfeboro) in the November election. Bolander won in Chatham, Moultonborough, Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro and Wakefield, but Gordon won everywhere else.

County Commissioners

The races for Republican nomination for two county commissioner seats weren't even close as incumbent David Sorensen (R-Eaton) beat out Neal Boyle (R-Freedom) 3,066 to 2,120 for the District One nomination. Sorensen will face off against Democrat Erik Corbett of Bartlett in November.

In the District Two Republican race, David Babson, Jr. (R-Ossipee) collected 2,288 votes, beating out challengers Kathleen Maloney of Ossipee (1,703 votes) and Jack Rose of Albany (1,165). Babson will face off against incumbent Dorothy Solomon (D-Albany) in November.

State Representative – District Two

When the voting day started, there were eight candidates vying for six positions on the November ballot for the District Two state representative positions. By the end of the day, voters had chosen three Democrats and three Republicans. All six will be on the November ballot with voters then having the option to choose which three they want to represent the towns of Chatham, Conway, Eaton, and Hale's Location. Republican Steven Steiner of Conway received only 392 votes and will not move forward. The Republicans who will move forward are Frank McCarthy (701 votes), Karen Umberger (664 votes), and Richard McClure (507 votes). On the Democratic side, Bob Bridgham of Eaton (324 votes) lost his election bid but Tom Buco (448 votes), Dick Pollock (392 votes) and Syndi White (374 votes) will be on the November ballot.

State Rep – District Four

In this district that represents Tuftonboro, Sandwich and Moultonborough, Glen Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro) with 641 votes and Karel Crawford (R-Moultonborough) with 625 votes will move forward to the November election to face Chip Albee (D-Tuftonboro) as voters decide which two of the three they want to represent them in Concord. Anthony Lyon (R-Tuftonboro) and Paul Askew (R-Tuftonboro) lost their bid for the Republican nomination with votes of 365 and 403, respectively.

State Rep – District Seven

In this newly created floater district, Norman Tregenza (R-Conway) easily beat out Michael Callis (R-Conway) 1,310 to 685.

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