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Joyce Endee

Effingham has new police chief, needs new moderator

August 30, 2012
EFFINGHAM — The town now has a new police chief, as Timothy Butts has been promoted from sergeant to chief, filling the vacancy created when Joe Collins resigned to take the job as Gilmanton's new police chief. Collins served as Effingham's police chief for nine years.

Selectmen are now searching for a new sergeant for the department. Interested applicants have until Sept. 1 to submit their resumes. The position is a full-time one with benefits and qualified applicants must already be certified as a full-time police officer and have at least four years of experience in law enforcement.

Pellet Boiler

Fully installed and with the commissioning complete, the Effingham Municipal Building on School Street will now be heated by the grant-funded pellet boiler system. Selectmen are now in the process of writing another grant in the hope that funding will pay for insulated ceiling tiles for the building.


Earlier this month, Effingham Conservation Commission Chair came to selectmen with concerns that milfoil has invaded the Ossipee River in the area of the boat launch on Route 153 South. Albert said there is a "significant infiltration of milfoil" and that Freedom Conservation Commission members will be working with the Effingham group to investigate the extent of the invasion and the best course of action to remove it from the river. Albert also said the town's Aquatic Plants fund should be able to cover the cost of the eradication.

Dumping charges

A public hearing was held earlier this month to discuss the cost to the town of disposing tires and electronics that residents dump at the transfer station and the possibility of charging residents a small fee for dumping these items. Reportedly, the hearing resulted in good discussion but it is unlikely the new fee-for-dumping plan will be implemented before the end of this year. Because charging for dumping is new at the Effingham Transfer Station, the program is likely to take time to implement as selectmen work out the details of the new policy and figure out how to best sell the coupons users will have to present when dumping tires or electronics.


An election snafu in March has left the town without a moderator. Michael Cauble had been appointed as moderator when former moderator Susan Slack was appointed selectman. He was appointed to serve the rest of her term, set to expire in 2013 but should have instead only been appointed to serve until the next election that occurred last March. The town's supervisors of the checklist are now charged with either reappointing Cauble to serve from now until the March 2013 election or finding another Effingham resident willing to do the job. The supervisors have to act quickly, however, so that a moderator can be appointed in time to oversee the Primary election on Sept. 11 and the general election on Nov. 6.

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