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Primary election is less than three weeks away

A guide to candidates in Sept. 11 primary

August 23, 2012
OSSIPEE — The match-ups are set and the sample ballots printed as New Hampshire voters prepare to head to the polls for voting in the Sept. 11 Primary, less than three weeks from now.

The Primary will decide which Republicans and which Democrats will be on the Nov. 6 general election ballot.

At the Primary election, the party a person is registered to vote in will be the ballot they receive. The deadline to change parties happened back in June. If a voter is registered as undeclared, they will be given the choice of taking a Republican or Democratic ballot. Then, if they wish to switch back to undeclared party status, they will need to do so with the supervisors of the checklist who will be standing by and ready to help. In the Nov. 6 general election, it will not matter how a voter is registered since everyone will be given the same ballot.

Anyone who is unsure about the party to which they are registered can go to the website http://cfs.sos.nh.gov/app/Public/PartyInfo.aspx and type in their name and birthdate and the information will display. Anyone not registered to vote will be allowed to do so at the polls on Primary day.

Though the Primary ballots will not contain the names of any third party candidates, those who are running as Independents or Libertarians will be included on the November ballot, provided they met all requirements in compliance with state election law guidelines, including gathering enough signatures in support of their candidacy.

Sample election ballots are currently available at all local Town Clerk's offices and posted in public places, including post offices. There is also a sample ballot for each party for each town on the NH Secretary of State's website at www.sos.nh.gov under the heading "Election Information."

In Carroll County there are several contested races as candidates vie for their spot on the November ballot. We have featured profiles of many of the candidates in the past month's issues of our papers. Below is a recap of the candidates, the office they are seeking, and what district they represent.

County Commissioners

How county commissioners are elected varies from county to county across the state. In Carroll County, commissioners must live in a town in the district they choose to represent but all voters in the county will get to vote on how gets the job.

For District One, David Sorensen (R-Eaton) and Neal Boyle (R-Freedom) will be facing off in the Primary to decide who will run against Erik Corbett (D-Bartlett) in November for this four-year position.

For District Two, voters will be asked to choose between David Babson, Jr. (R-Ossipee), Kathleen Maloney (R-Ossipee) and Jack Rose (R-Albany) to decide who will face Dorothy Solomon (D-Albany) in November for this two-year position.

County Sheriff

Christopher Conley (R-Wolfeboro) faces a challenge by Domenic Richardi (R-Conway) for the sheriff's seat. While there is no Democratic candidate for the job, third party candidate Francis Lord has filed intention papers that he intends to face the Primary winner in November.

County Attorney

Stephen Murray (R-Wolfeboro) is unchallenged in the Primary and will run against either Diana Bolander (D-Wolfeboro) or Robin Gordon (D-Tamworth) in November for the job as the county's top prosecutor.

State Representatives

Of the 16 potential races for state representative positions, there are only four contested races in the Primary. Unlike the county commissioner's race, voters will only get to vote for candidates from their district as they choose the next batch of state representatives.

In District One (Bartlett, Hart's Location, and Jackson), Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) and Gino Funicella (D-Jackson) are unopposed in the Primary.

District Two (Chatham, Conway, Eaton, and Hale's Location) gets three state representatives and eight people want those seats. In the Republican Primary, Frank McCarthy (R-Conway), Karen Umberger (R-Conway), Richard McClure (R-Hale's Location) and Steven Steiner (R-Conway) will compete for the three positions on the Republican side of the November ballot while Tom Buco (D-Conway), Bob Bridgham (D-Eaton), Dick Pollock (D-Conway) and Syndi White (D-North Conway) vie for the three spots on the Democratic ballot.

District Three (Albany, Freedom, Madison, and Tamworth) gets two seats in the legislature. The primary race is uncontested so Mark McConkey (R-Freedom) and Maynard Thompson (R-Freedom) will likely move ahead to the November ballot along with Susan Ticehurst (D-Tamworth).

There is a contested race in District Four (Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro) as four Republicans will face off in the Primary hoping to grab the two spots on the November ballot, where they will be challenged by Chip Albee (D-Tuftonboro). They are Karel Crawford (R-Moultonborough), Anthony Lyon (R-Tuftonboro), Paul Askew (R-Tuftonboro) and Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro).

District Five is represented by three legislators and serves the towns of Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, and Wakefield. There is no contest in the Primary as Harry Merrow (R-Ossipee), J. Lisbeth Olimpio (R-Wakefield) and Bill Nelson (R-Brookfield) will likely move on to be challenged by Tom Lavender (D-Brookfield) in November.

There is also no contest in District Six that includes only the town of Wolfeboro. There are two seats available and incumbents Chris Ahlgren (R-Wolfeboro ) and Stephen Schmidt (R-Wolfeboro) will likely grab the Republican nominations and move forward to November where they will face John R White (D-Wolfeboro) and Beverly Woods (D-Wolfeboro).

New this year are two floater districts. In the floater District Seven, representing 11 towns, Norman Tregenza (R-Conway) and Michael Anthony Callis (R-Conway) will face off in the Primary with the winner challenging Ed Butler (D-Hart's Location) in November.

The floater District Eight candidates, are unopposed and will likely move ahead to the November ballot. They are Donald Wright (R-Tuftonboro) and Susan Wiley (D-Sandwich).

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