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Ossipee selectmen award Freight House bid

Maloney offers apology for misstatement on contracts

July 19, 2012
OSSIPEE — Selectmen here took a couple of weeks to review the bids and announced July 16 they have awarded the job of renovating the Freight House in Center Ossipee to Peter Lievi of Ossipee.

Five bids were received for the project that includes systems upgrades, reconfiguring the interior and bringing the building up to code and ready for town business. Lievi was the lowest bidder at $216,262 with the bids ranging from that amount up to $246,300. Because all of the bids received exceeded the amount budgeted for the project, said Selectman Harry Merrow, the board will be looking for ways to scale down the scope and come within budget. The amount budgeted, as reported at a recent meeting, is $202,000 and the cost of drawing up the plans is to be deducted from that with the remaining to go towards the renovation. The project is expected to be complete in four months.

The Freight House sits at 1 Moultonville Road and most recently served as a church before becoming vacant and purchased by the town. The plan is to renovate the building for much needed records storage, meeting space, and office space.

Choosing words carefully

After being called on her statements by David Babson of Ossipee, Selectman Chairman Kathleen Maloney offered an apology and an explanation at both the selectmen's meeting and a recent county commissioner's meeting. At issue was Maloney's statement to the county commissioners that she wrote two ambulance contracts for the town. Maloney said she was "remiss" in stating that. She served on a committee that revised an already existing ambulance contract. Once the revisions were agreed upon, Maloney did not write the contract but rather typed and then re-typed it.

Babson and Maloney will be facing off in the September primary election as they both seek the Republican nomination for county commissioner. Jack Rose of Albany is also running against them. Babson attended the July 16 commissioner's meeting and questioned her taking full credit for writing the contract. "If we are going to be running against each other," he said, "we are going to tell the truth."

Other meeting news

Selectmen received and opened bids for heating and diesel fuel, opting to take the bids under advisement until the next meeting on July 30.

The board considered the possibility of having a swap shop at the town's transfer station, with Public Works Director Brad Harriman agreeing to look into the policies and procedures for the recently re-opened swap shop in Conway, as a possible model.

The board agreed to consider, again with the help of Harriman, the possibility of community projects the town needs completed that the inmates of Carroll County House of Corrections can assist with.

As a reminder, Household Hazardous Waste Day will be held Aug. 4 from 8 a.m. to noon at the highway garage behind Ossipee Town Hall. There are flyers available at the transfer station and at the town hall that detail what types of materials are considered hazardous and can be brought to this annual collection event.

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