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4-H'ers recognized at Achievement Ceremony

December 09, 2021
LANCASTER — The annual Cos County 4-H Achievement Ceremony was held Saturday morning on Nov. 20. This time-honored tradition of recognizing outstanding accomplishment and to honor and celebrate everyone who has participated in 4-H was held at the North Country Resource Center in Lancaster.

This year's recipients of the "I Dare You" Award were Andrew Saunders of the Cos K-9's 4-H Club in Stark and Jayse Law of Adventurers 4-H Club in Berlin. The Outstanding Younger Youth award was earned by two youngsters this year and was presented to Arianna Bainbridge and Caleb Ross, both of the Adventurers 4-H Club in Berlin. Ella Gilbert, a member of the Early Risers 4-H Club in Colebrook was recognized for being this year's Outstanding Junior Youth. This year's Outstanding Senior Youth is Ellen Law of the Adventurers 4-H Club.

The Cos County 4-H Head, Heart, Hands, Health and Clover Awards get their names and spirit from one of the four H's or in the case of the Clover award-all four H's. Joshua Ross of Adventurers 4-H Club in Berlin was recipient of the 4-H Head Award. John Daley of the Early Risers 4-H Club in Colebrook earned the Heart award. The youth receiving the Hands Award were Lydia Ross of the Adventurers 4-H Club and Cora Daley of the Early Risers 4-H Club.

The Health Award was presented to Ottlee Gilbert of the Early Risers 4-H Club. Patience King of the Lion Cubs 4-H Club and the Burns family of Whitefield were chosen this year for the Clover Award.

Cos County 4-H Leaders of the Year:

Stephanie Chase of Berlin, leader of the Adventurers 4-H Club and member of the Cos County 4-H Advisory Council

Jessie Paine of Stark, leader of the Valley Voyagers 4-H Club and member of the Cos County 4-H Advisory Council

Wayne Saunders of Stark, Cos K-9 4-H Club and member of the Cos County 4-H Advisory Council

The Adventurers 4-H Club of Berlin, NH was the 4-H Club in Cos County to be recognized for completing the most outstanding citizenship projects during the year. The Adventurers made Christmas cards for residents of two local nursing homes, Easter duck cards to shar with the community, collected food and built birthday cake kits for local food pantry, they were the only club to donate supplies to help support the 4-H Youth Leadership Team's service learning project, and organized a pet supply drive for an area shelter. Additionally, there are several individuals that have stepped up to become active citizens of their community and 4-H by serving on committees and being active members of the Cos County 4-H Youth Leadership Team. This club is in their third year and for the third year in a row has earned the Outstanding 4-H Club award. The other eleven 4-H clubs in Cos County have been challenged to outdo the Adventurers in 2022!

The Cos County 4-H Lifetime Achievement Award was first started in 1988 by Larry Barker, Cos County 4-H Educator. This is a prestigious county leadership award given to those leaders or individuals who make significant major contributions to 4-H during their lifetime. The candidate's overall role in furthering 4-H and service to youth is of primary importance. The award roster is now swelling with thirty-four stellar volunteers. Larry was the honored recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the award he created. After more than three decades, he retired in March as a UNH Cooperative Extension 4-H Educator based here in Cos County as well as having a key role in making the best better in New Hampshire 4-H. He was Barry Conservation 4-H Camp administrator and NH 4-H Shooting Sports Program Lead making both 4-H Programs what they are today, giving guidance and training to volunteers and staff to sustain the programs. Larry signed on as a 4-H Volunteer almost immediately after retiring and will be leading the 4-H Shooting Sports program in the county. Larry has had truly remarkable lifetime achievement with 4-H!

4-H is the youth development program of UNH Cooperative Extension. It is an informal educational program offered free of charge to young people ages five to 18. The program is delivered mostly by screened volunteers who work directly with the youth. The 4-H program focuses on Positive Youth Development and strives to build both life skills and subject matter competencies in the youth who participate. Overall, the goal of the 4-H program is to provide a foundation for youngsters to develop into positive, productive, and contributing adults. For more information on the 4-H Program in Cos County, contact Christine Whiting, 4-H Program Manager for Cos County at Christine.whiting@unh.edu or call 603-788-4961.

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is an equal opportunity educator and employer. University of New Hampshire, U.S. Department of Agriculture and N.H. counties cooperating.

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