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COVID cases surge, officials urge community first approach

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
October 13, 2021
REGION — COVID cases in Cos County have spiked over the past few weeks, with the start of school, like local health officials predicted. As of Sunday, the count in Cos County was at 257, with the highest number of hospitalizations in Cos since the pandemic began.

Currently there are 18 cases at the Lancaster Elementary School, and five at the high school. There are 17 at Country Village in Lancaster. Noted from health officials, was that the elderly population at Country Village have all been vaccinated leaving those infected in a good place.

Berlin seems to have the bulk of the cases, causing the city to go on red alert, with officials urging residents to be cautious.

Mayor Paul Grenier said, "I think Berlin and the surrounding communities need to take COVID way more seriously. We are at the threshold where schools and their activities including sports, church activities are all in danger of being restricted or curtailed."

Grenier said with concern, "Please, let's all do our part as members of society to hinder the spread of COVID. This is like a huge ship. A small hole starts leaking in, but because that hole isn't under your feet, you pass it off. First thing you know, there are many holes. Soon, the boat starts to list and is in danger of sinking. It sounds dramatic, but if we don't all do our part, we will arrive at a place that is really bad. I'm so proud of my parents when I was young to make us take all our vaccinations to reduce our risk of severe illnesses."

Lancaster's Health Officer, Ted Joubert, said "I'm 100 percent with Mayor Grenier. A large portion of our local communities are placing political rhetoric in front of common sense. It's clear that masks, social distancing, vaccines and a community first approach are the most powerful ways to lessen the infection rate. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and our North Country medical personnel are in for a long winter with our current trajectory".

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