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City Council approves lot line adjustment for WMCC/BWW

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
April 01, 2021
BERLIN — On March 22, the Berlin City Council held a work session where the budgets for various town departments were discussed.

Librarian Ann Brungot shared with the Council a presentation of the 2022 budget. This included services, onsite digital resources, remote digital resources, general resources, patron statistics over the past year, resource statistics, book statistics along with any budget request percentage changes. She went on to discuss Kelley Park and capital improvement target areas.

Mayor Paul Grenier along with City Manager Jim Wheeler discussed capital improvement funds. Councilor Mark Eastman and Councilor Lucie Remillard stated that library capital improvement areas should take priority and inquired if any grants exist to help do so.

Berlin's new EMS owner Will Rosenberg was next on the agenda to discuss improvements made since he took over in December.

Rosenberg said, "We were able to hire 90 percent of the existing staff and offer them health Insurance benefits. Other improvements included, but were not limited to, the installation of camera system in vehicles, new phone/security system, new beds, new flooring and new uniforms for the staff."

Rosenberg noted that EMS trained with the Fire Department and also worked alongside the Berlin Police Department to install a new EMS system which is expected to increase response time. The new owner relayed to the Council that with the new software system, any reports can easily be made available to them if they wish.

City Manager James Wheeler brought up the housing budget next, stating that it remained 'flat.'

Wheeler said, "The only items with and increase are: health insurance, retirement benefits and the city owned properties. Most of the cost associated with the city owned properties were related to Brown School including but not limited to, electricity, heating and maintenance."

Grenier noted that some of the cost related to the school should be taken care of by COVID relief.

Development Director Pam LaFlamme moved on to the topic of White Mountains Community College and Berlin Water Works.

She said, "WMCC is selling 300 acres of property across the street from the college campus itself. The BWW owns a small parcel which is surrounded by the college on three sides."

LaFlamme relayed that the BWW placed a water reservoir on this small parcel built specifically for the Coos County Nursing Home.

She said, "It was discovered while survey work was done that the structure owned by BWW was placed outside the BWW parcel and on the land of the college for reasons unclear. After speaking with the surveyor, WMCC and BWW, the City of Berlin would like to do a lot line adjustment and just shift the parcel over to include the structure."

She noted that this would not include money or land exchange, just correcting the boundaries. The Council proceeded to approve the lot line adjustment.

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