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Washouts cause trail closures at Jericho State Park

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
July 24, 2020
BERLIN — Last week's heavy storms caused several trail closures in Jericho State Park. Brooks and streams caused wash outs, leaving a big job for cleanup crews to get trail access back in working order.

The storm that took place on July 14 caused major trail damage to the southern area of the Park. Bridges and culverts caused the closure of connectors on Moose Road, Smitty Trail and Brook Road. Heat Stroke Trail and Erik's Way was also closed. Access to Smitty was closed from the Gorham side.

In time for the weekend, Erik's Way, Brook Road to Beaver Pond Trail, Beaver Pond Trail to Moose Road and Moose Road to Brook Road were all re-opened. The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails relayed that workers were still repairing trails in the area, and encouraged riders to adhere to signs and to not ride beyond specified barricades.

Cleanup was a collaboration between the Trails Bureau and local OHRV clubs. Last week, the NH Bureau of Trails announced a National Trail Clean up Day. The day is described as a collection of off road enthusiasts and off roading organizations who take a weekend, in this case, last weekend, to clean up trails.

In a national statement, Matt Martelli, CEO and Co-Owner of The Mint 400 said, "It is paramount that the off-road community take a leadership role in the stewardship of our lands. We not only want to maintain trails for future generations, we want to set a standard for others to follow. We encourage all off-road enthusiasts to get involved by organizing in their local area to turn this weekend into a national, then global trail clean-up day. I will lead a group in San Diego and be picking up trash myself."

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