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Film made in Berlin now available for purchase

January 17, 2019
BERLIN — A movie filmed almost entirely in Berlin touches upon the opioid crisis, and has been well received. The movie is now available for purchase.

"Must say that this movie is a must watch," said local Paul Croteau. "Chris Dubey and all involved did an awesome job of creating this movie. Sad but true. The City of Berlin, like all other small communities, are not immune to the drug problem that is sweeping the United States. The truth is in our face, but many tend to ignore and not get involved. I'm looking forward to seeing any of his future projects. My praise goes out to you and the cast."

Two locals, Dubey and Ricky Pivin, along with Sarah Mitchell of Connecticut, co-partner in Diabolical Films. Dubey and Pivin co-wrote the script and are the main actors in the movie. Dubey and Mitchell are the executive producers. Dubey and Pivin co-directed. Thomas Delcarpio, new to Berlin, is the editor and associate producer.

There are a number of local actors and actresses in Berlin, and aside from one scene shot in the Boston area, it was filmed in the City that Trees Built.

The film was released at an event in Berlin in August at the Eagles club.

"After that event, we gauged some audience reactions, and took a look at some of the moments at the movie where the story went a little slower than we expected, or, due to a few technical limitations, we felt as though the sound was not up to snuff, so we spent a few days and made a final edit, trimmed a little of the fat, and got the movie down to an hour and a half or so," said Dubey. "From there, we had to decide whether to focus on the film festival circuit, or to distribute the film ourselves. "

"As film festivals cost several hundred dollars per entry, and our budget is very limited, we decided, after taking a few shots at it, that the self distribution model was the way to go," he continued. "We found a company, Elmwood Productions that agreed to promote our film, and we are very pleased with that."

Links have been posted on the Diabolical Films Facebook page where a person can follow the links and rent or purchase a copy digitally, as well as a mail order DVD program whereby they can have a copy sent directly to their house.

"We keep a stock in town for any interested local folks to purchase a copy," Dubey noted.

Those are $10 each.

The movie is also available for free at the Berlin Public Library.

"We have had a few screenings in the Laconia area at which the film was well received,and we are participating in a screening in Connecticut in March, organized by Sarah Mitchell," Dubey added.

The synopsis for "Paper City Burnout," a full-length movie, reads: "A family facing the challenges of addiction becomes entangled in the web of a small town criminal organization. Their struggles mount as circumstances conspire against them, pushing toward a dramatic climax from which no one will emerge unbroken."

Dubey, who owns Berlin EMS, has seen the local substance abuse problem first hand.

"Families struggle with substance abuse and we really want to see people get out of that," Dubey said in a previous interview. "It's a major problem in town."

Martin Lord Osman
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