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County-wide election results bring some surprises

November 14, 2018
REGION — There were some surprises and upsets when the general election results for Cos County were revealed.

It was reported that Cos County had a strong turnout with, on average, over 50 percent of voters coming out on a rainy Tuesday to cast their ballots.

Republican David Starr of Franconia was elected District 1 Senator replacing the seat of third-term Sen. Jeff Woodburn.

Robert Theberge held the seat for state representative for 18 years, but then changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. he lost the seat to Larry Laflamme.

Joseph Kenney received over a thousand more votes in Cos County but lost his Executive Council seat to Democrat Michael Cryans,

The battle for register of deeds was won by Republican Leon Rideout. Nathan Morin, a Democrat, was heavily supported by Berlin and Gorham voters, but Rideout gained enough support from the western part of the state to take the seat.

Republican Suzanne Collins easily earned the seat for Treasurer over Democrat Emily Jacobs.

Ann McLane Kuster was easily re-elected as the U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's Second District.

Chris Sununu was re-elected Governor against Democrat Molly Kelly.

For Berlin, Gorham, Randolph, Shelburne, Milan, Errol and Dummer, the following numbers have been reported:

For state rep. of second congressional district, Kuster received 6,004 votes; Steven Negron -- 4956; and Justin O'Donnell - 235.

For Governor, Sununu 6,393; Kelly 4,984; and Jilletta Jarvis -- 220.

For executive Council, Kenney -- 5978; Cryans -- 4911; and Tobin Menard -- 237.

For State Senator, Woodburn 4,873; Starr 5,956.

For State Rep., Berlin, Laflamme -- 1638; Henry Noel -- 1474; Yvonne Thomas -- 1523; Theberge -- 1290; Gaston Gingues -- 749; and Stuart Light -- 191.

For Treasurer, Collins 6,561; Jacobs 4,442.

For Register of Deeds, Rideout 5,979; Morin 5,105.

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