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Locally made film premieres on Saturday

A movie filmed in Berlin, "Paper City Burnout," will have a premiere screening this Saturday at the Berlin Fraternal Order of the Eagles. Pictured here is a behind-the-scenes shot of the main character, Jack played by Chris Dubey, who is also the co-writer, co-director and an executive producer of the film. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
August 15, 2018
BERLIN – Diabolical Films have been working hard since last year on a movie almost entirely shot in Berlin. Now, "Paper City Burnout" is just about complete and is set to premiere on Saturday at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles 1464.

There will be limited seating at the club and anyone who would like to see the movie should contact the Diabolical Films Facebook page – the screening is by invite only.

Two locals, Chris Dubey and Ricky Pivin, along with Sarah Mitchell of Connecticut, co-partner in Diabolical Films. Dubey and Pivin co-wrote the script and are the main actors in the movie. Dubey and Mitchell are the executive producers. Dubey and Pivin co-directed. Thomas Delcarpio, new to Berlin, is the editor and associate producer.

There are a number of local actors and actresses in Berlin, and aside from one scene shot in the Boston area, it was filmed in the City that Trees Built.

Dubey and Pivin have teamed up in the past with several projects including participation in the web series Paragods from Shawn Allen Films -- a lot of scenes were shot in Berlin. The pair also completed a short horror film titled "Grinning Jack" a few years back – it was Diabolical Films first project. The pair has also produced a video for a couple of local bands.

The crew started filming last year, and aside from some color and sound correction Dubey said, it is ready to be revealed to the world.

The movie will be screened in film festivals in the future, and there is hope that it will be well received.

"I think people will be impressed," said Dubey.

The synopsis for "Paper City Burnout," a full-length movie, reads: "A family facing the challenges of addiction becomes entangled in the web of a small town criminal organization. Their struggles mount as circumstances conspire against them, pushing toward a dramatic climax from which no one will emerge unbroken."

Dubey, who owns Berlin EMS, has seen the local substance abuse problem first hand.

"Families struggle with substance abuse and we really want to see people get out of that," he said. "It's a major problem in town."

The Berlin Reporter had the privilege of previewing the movie last week. Well made, it is dark drama that touches upon the tragic realities of substance abuse and its effect on the whole family. There is an element of humor and comedy that takes some of the edge off from the seriousness of the subject matter, but not enough to take away from the darkness of Jack. The crime aspect of the movie adds some fantasy with a gangster/mafia feel.

For more information, email diabolicalfilmcompany@gmail.com.

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