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Local couple plan to offer charitable gaming at St. Kieran's Art Center

Robin and Monique Lavertu stand in front of St. Keiran's art center, where they plan to open a charitable gaming facility, Northwoods Casino, in the near future. (Photo by Jody Houle) (click for larger version)
April 16, 2018
BERLIN Local businessman Robin Lavertu and his wife Monique are licensed to offer a charitable casino in Berlin. The couple plan to start off with 13 tables offering a number of games at St. Kieran's Community Community Center for the Arts located at 155 Emery St.

"I would like to see those who turn left from Route 2 to keep turning left," said Robin Lavertu. "My goal is to help local charities stay afloat and to also help the mission of the art center. It will bring more to the city's economic development, donate much needed revenue to charitable organizations and help bring a new form of entertainment to this great city."

The couple is in need of charities, preferable, local ones. Thirty-five percent of the gross from the business, Northwoods Casino, will go to charities and the state will get 10 percent. Charity groups interested can apply. Each charity group can only get 10 days per year from a charitable gaming facility.

Charity groups can be veterans' groups, soup kitchens and animal rescue groups.

The couple is in need of about 24 charities to open the casino. They hope to open next month.

There are currently 16 charitable gaming facilities listed on the New Hampshire racing and Charitable website that is an increase of six facilities since December 2017, according to Lavertu.

"We would like to see tourism grow in the area," said Monique Lavertu, who is also the Executive Director at the art center.

"It would add to the Chamber of Commerce events and other events," she said.

The art center is also in need of many repairs and some of the proceeds would help with that.

Plans are to open seven days a week when events and functions are not being held at the center. Space is rented there for the gaming.

The couple wants to start out small, but eventually expand on to Main Street in the future.

The plan is to set up 13 tables at the center including three tables for Texas Hold 'em; four black jack tables; two double twist black jack tables; two tables for three-card poker; a table for craps and one for roulette. Maximum betting will be set at $4 per hand. There will be no slot machines.

A day for training on the tables will also be offered.

Also, the couple will be looking to hire about 30 people five full time staff jobs and 25 part time personnel jobs. Applicants can apply at the Berlin Employment Security NH Works office.

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