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Film crew has created a buzz and an outlet for local talent

Two independent film crews, Dubeyous Productions of Berlin, and Narrow Street Films of Chester, shot some footage for a film at the former Berlin Courthouse. Chris Dubey, of Berlin (top row, third from left) has produced, directed, acted, and collaborated with his film crew of Dubeyous Productions, and has helped to create an outlet for aspiring local actors, actresses and musicians. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
July 02, 2014
BERLIN A crew of local aspiring actors, actresses, directors, producers, and musicians have teamed up over the past few years and created a chain of film productions including a progressing web series, 48 hour film projects, music videos, and a variety of short films.

Some of the participants of Berlin's Horrorfest, an annual event during RiverFire that draws over 5000 people every year, began making films a few years ago. Chris Dubey, of Berlin, and his enthusiastic crew created Dubeyous Productions and the team has evolved and spread out quite a bit since its early development. Dubey had a vision of providing a creative outlet for himself and others after his involvement in Horrorfest sparked his interest in film-making, and now he is doing just that. Dubey took film and video communication classes in 2001 at Champlain College and now he is utilizing those skills.

"My goal is to continue locally producing entertainment with our own local style and flavor. I have met some amazingly talented and creative people. We just decided to do it. We didn't bother to think about fear and we grabbed it. It's important to keep those dreams alive, they make life interesting," Dubey said.

He and his crew have collaborated and worked with many others and have opened doors for local talent. Dubey's first project was a music video for the local rock band Purenform for their song "Drown." He has created other music videos since then. In 2012, Dubey and his crew participated in the 48 Hour Film Project and were given an award for best costuming for their short comedy titled "Dupin's Daydreams" which Dubey directed. The project gives film-makers with little or no budget two days to complete a short film and submit. Partners Dubey and Rina-fay London, of Berlin, have just wrapped up the 48 Hour Film Project with team Wicked Sick Films this year, for which they both played leading male and female on screen.

Dubious Products and Shawn Allen Films of Sandown, New Hampshire, have teamed up to create Paragods. It is a comedic web series that debuted earlier this year on YouTube with six episodes. The series has been dubbed a "mockumentary" that pokes fun at the everyday challenges of EMS workers. The show is based in a fictional town called "Sandville." Shawn Allen, executive producer and creator of the show, and Dubey, producer, are both Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and both act in the series. Filming was done in local establishments, residences, and on Berlin's Main Street as well as in Sandown, Manchester and other cities down south. A handful of actors, actresses and musicians from Berlin contributed to the show. Dubey's brother John Dubey and Tyler Fowler, both of Berlin, act in the show as well as local actresses Rina-fay London, Mary Champlin, Anna Fowler, June Desmond, Daniel Robichaud, and Kristen Corrigan. The song "Just a Name" by Berlin's OneLinkChain pokes fun at celebrities and is used in the series. The new episodes of Paragods are currently in production. Hollywood executives are scoping out the show. To view the series, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/shawnallenfilms.

"This is an open invitation to locals," said Dubey in a previous interview. "It will help your career. Anyone who acts in this film is given legitimate acting credits, and gets registered in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database)," he continued.

"The stuff writes itself," said Allen in a previous interview during filming last year.

Chris Dubey, local filmmaker and producer of the show, is also an EMT. "We turn the seriousness of our job into something funny," he said.

Another production crew, Narrow Street Films of Chester, New Hampshire, has collaborated with Dubeyous Productions and recently filmed some footage in the former Berlin Court House, located on Main Street, which occurred on May 18. The City of Berlin owns the building and granted permission. Narrow Street Films has produced three independent feature length films. The scenes shot in the court house appear in the climax of the film "Not That Guy." Terry Traynor, Director, is known locally for leading the stunt portion of Horrofest at RiverFire last year.

Dubey and his crew have created a number of other films, mainly in the horror genre', including a short film "Chain" and another, "The Dinner Date." Dubey has always been fascinated with the horror genre' and so has the main character in both short films, Rina-fay London. She has worked with him on most of his projects. She is also a volunteer for Horrorfest and has been acting on stage with Theater North since she was a kid. Recently, Dubey gave London the director's chair and will instead be the leading role for a film titled "Red Demon." It is London's first go at directing. It will be submitted to the Rob Zombie Horror Fan Film Contest which ends July 10. The first shoot was filmed on Saturday at a private location in Dummer. The cast and crew include regular members of Dubeyous Productions with added local artist Max Godin and newest member Rick Pivin as London's production assistant.

"I most recently stepped aside and let my long term collaborator, Rina, direct our latest contest entry. It is a testament to the concept that if you have the guts and determination to make something work, it will," said Dubey.

"My biggest advice to anyone looking to jump into the film world is to stay humble, work hard, watch others that have been film making for a while, and be patient. Nothing I've done has happened over night. Two years ago when Dubey approached me I had never been acting in front of a camera. Now it fills me with pride to see all the wonderful connections I've made, different teams we've worked with, and all the work that has paid off," said London.

Dubey, London, and the rest of the production crew encourage anyone who may want to get involved with projects, especially actors, actresses, writers, bands and musicians, to contact them. Anybody who wants to discuss ideas with Dubey can contact him at www.facebook.com/chris.dubey, or contact via email at kohos@yahoo.com.

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