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Tex Mex is back with a new location, fine dining café will follow

Tex Mex has reopened in Gorham on Exchange Street. Pictured here is owner Greg Dobbin as he chops up some vegetables. His uncle, Richard Poulin, will open Café Temptation in the future in the same building as both businesses will run simultaneously with separate kitchens. Tex Mex currently offers free delivery and take-out Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
April 16, 2014
GORHAM – Tex Mex has returned with a new location, a new look, and a new vision.

Tex Mex Café was located in downtown Berlin and opened 6 years ago. A loyal following enjoyed varieties of Mexican and American food with unique offerings not found elsewhere in the area. Although business was steady, after three and a half years the business closed due to the struggling economy and the closing of the mill. Now the business has reopened in Gorham in a familiar location and offers take out and free delivery service.

"Tex Mex is a fast and fun thing to do and provides me the chance to serve food I enjoy while we work towards creating the most beautiful café atmosphere this side of the map," Said Gregory Dobbin, owner.

The former Moonbeam Café building on Exchange Street in Gorham, which also occupied the popular Loaf Around Bakery in the 80's and 90's and a barber shop in the late 1800's, is currently owned by businessman Richard Poulin, who also owns Middle Earth. He and his family have been involved in the local food business for decades. His nephew, Dobbin, is currently running Tex Mex out of the former bakery section of the building, while plans are in progress for Poulin to open the new Café Temptation. The businesses will run simultaneously with two separate kitchens.

"Café Temptation will be a dine-in experience like nothing else in the area. French cuisine will be served with flair and style paired with very fine wines. Smooth jazz music and dim lighting will make it a place to bring that special romantic someone. Fresh breads and pastries will be offered daily along with gourmet soups and imported meats and cheeses. Café Temptation belongs to Richard Poulin and it's his dream to see this be absolutely perfect. So, in the meantime, we offer a fun lunch and dinner express of sorts. When Café Temptation doors open, Tex Mex will remain as well having the benefit of two kitchens that can both be run in tandem. It is very ambitious stuff but we have never been afraid of working hard," said Dobbin.

The building is historic with original tin walls and woodwork. It was home to a popular barbershop and bath house in the late 1800's. Loaf Around Bakery was owned by Dobbin's aunt Candy Alonso (Poulin). She is a master baker and was known for her award winning black bean and pumpkin soup and for her pastries and breads. She retired about 10 years ago. The Moonbeam Café had antique furnishings surrounding the cozy atmosphere including an old barber swivel chair. The owners closed and expanded to Lancaster.

"We are in the process of giving the dining room a complete makeover. We have added additional dining space by re-configuring the building layout and acquiring more antique furnishings to compliment this historic building," said Dobbin.

In the 90's, Dobbin cooked for his grandmother Anita Poulin, alongside his mother Louise Poulin, when she owned the Eastern Depot in Berlin and he acquired many culinary skills during that time. He moved to Arizona a few years later where he learned how to cook and prepare Mexican style food. In the tradition of his grandmother and his hometown, Berlin, Dobbin has added seasonal meat pie to his Tex Mex menu which can be pre-ordered. Meat Pie is a popular local French/Canadian pie made with ground beef and potatoes (with other variations). His grandmothers' meat pies were a local favorite when she owned the depot. The menu for the cafe will be small and seasonal with a steak, fish and poultry option as well as vegetarian and organic foods all to be paired with fine wines. Tradition will be carried on with home-made desserts and pastries as well as fair trade coffee.

There has been no official opening date for the café as of yet. Tex Mex is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. -7 p.m. with free delivery service. For the menu visit www.facebook.com/texmex.delivery

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