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BHS' Destination Imagination Team headed to the global finals again

Reilly Wood, Keenan Wood and Franki Manfredi turn on the machine that they hope will save the world. Photo by Debra Thornblad. (click for larger version)
April 02, 2014
BERLIN – The Berlin High School Destination Imagination Team is headed to the global finals at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for the second time in two years.

The team competed in the state finals on Saturday and placed second, after Conant High School in Jaffrey, in their category and division. The top two state teams go to the global finals.

The team placed at the top in the regional finals and had also received the "Renaissance Award" for their creativity and how well they worked together.

Last year the Berlin team came in second, to Bedford, and went to the finals, where they were 23 out of 75 teams from all over the world. Their problem last year was "Wind Visible."

This year the team chose "Going to Extremes," and their skit centered around a world that had been hit with gamma rays and no longer had an environment humans could survive in. Scientists had taken shelter in a bunker and were looking for ways to reverse what had happened.

Destination Imagination is a team activity where students are given a problem with several different criteria and must solve it in a skit that is timed. They are graded on things like creativity, storytelling, effectiveness, workmanship and originality.

The teams have coaches, but they cannot make suggestions to the students, who must work out the solutions for themselves. The most coaches can do is ask questions that might get the students thinking.

The team lost Kathryn Record, who graduated last year, but gained Kenzie MacDonald this year. The remaining team members were the same as last year; Kelly Stock, Reilly Wood, Amanda Shute, Franki Manfredi, Keenan Wood and Tanner Cote.

"They did exceptionally well, the machine worked this time (which it didn't at the performance before the school board a week ago) and everything went smoothly," Coach David Griffin, a teacher at Berlin Middle School, said. "Students were very happy with their performance."

Berlin competed against three other teams, Conant, Bow and Windham, and Griffin said all the teams scored very high and were, out of a top score of 400, within 50 points of each other.

The global finals will be held May 21-24 and like last year the team will be looking for ways to raise $8-9,000 in a very short time. Watch for more information about fund-raisers and how to donate.

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