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The local web series Paragods airs on Sundays

Rina-fay London and Chris Dubey of Berlin in costume and on set for the web series, "Paraogods." The series debuted on Sunday on YouTube. The show has created a buzz and the cast and crew hope to land on television. To watch the six-part comedy series, visit YouTube on Sunday's at 8 p.m. or type in http://www.youtube.com/user/shawnallenfilms in your address bar. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
January 29, 2014
BERLIN Two independent film crews, Dubious Products of Berlin, and Shawn Allen Films of Sandown, New Hampshire, have teamed up to create Paragods. It is comedic web series that debuted on Sunday at 8 p.m. on YouTube and six episodes will on each of the following Sundays.

Paragods has been dubbed a "mockumentary" that pokes fun at the everyday challenges of EMS workers. Shawn Allen, executive producer and creator of the show, is an Emergency Medical Technician.

"The stuff writes itself," said Allen in a previous interview during filming last spring.

Chris Dubey, local filmmaker and producer of the show, is also an EMT. "We turn the seriousness of our job into something funny," he said.

Both Allen and Dubey act in the series. When the show called for an outlandish character, Dubey took the role of Chad Cameletoe. "I am the comic relief character," he described.

Filming has taken place in Berlin where Dubey is native to and still resides, as well as in Sandown where Allen lives. Berlin is a backdrop for the show that reveals its natural beauty. Filming was done in local establishments, residences, and on Berlin's Main Street. A handful of actors, actresses and musicians from Berlin contributed to the show. The show is based is a fictional town called "Sandville."

"This is an open invitation to locals," said Dubey. "It will help your career."

Berlin actors Jonathan Dubey, and Tyler Fowler act in the show as well as Berlin actresses Rina-fay London, Mary Champlin, Anna Fowler, June Desmond, Daniel Robichaud, and Kristen Corrigan.

"The cast has so much fun on the set. I feel we have become a family," said London.

Anyone who acts in this film is given "legitimate acting credits, and gets registered in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database)," said Dubey.

"We have a great bunch of actors and we click together -- good chemistry," said Allen.

Filming began in the spring last year and ever since, Hollywood producers have taken notice of the series. The goal of the cast and crew is to eventually get the series on television. Some shows, such as "It's always sunny in Philadelphia," and "Trailer park Boys," have started as low budget web series and have evolved onto television.

Paragods has a reality-show premise and can be compared to "Reno 911" or a funny version of "Cops," said Dubey. Some well-known actors and executives have reviewed the series. There is a buzz about the show and there is an established following. The key is to get enough views of the show on YouTube to generate even more interest. The cast and crew of the series are asking for support as an effort to boost the show onto television. This could potentially put Berlin on the Hollywood map.

Paragods debuted on Sunday at 8 p.m. on YouTube and 6 episodes will air on each following Sunday at that time. The direct link is http://www.youtube.com/user/shawnallenfilms.

The cast and crew would like to give special thanks to the community and to everyone who supports the series and watches it.

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