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8-member Board of Directors appointed for Tri-County CAP

January 29, 2014
LITTLETON — Eight people have been appointed to a new Tri-County Community Action Program board of directors, signifying another major step in the agency working its way out of court-appointed supervision, explained TCCAP CEO Mike Coughlin.

Three members are from Cos County, all from the City of Berlin: Sandy Alonzo; Steve Griffin; and Rep. Gary Coulombe.

Three are from Carroll County: Ann Barber of Bartlett; Sam Farrington of Chocorua; and Michael Dewar of Intervale.

Two are from Grafton County: Shannon Weaver of Littleton; and Nancy Kitchen of Holderness.

The board's first meeting was held last night at 5 p.m., Jan. 28, in the Littleton AHEAD (Affordable Housing Education and Development) offices at 161 Main Street.

When it became apparent in December 2012 that CAP might not be able to make payroll and faced overwhelming debt, Probate Court Judge David King appointed Todd Fahey of the Concord-based law firm of Orr & Reno to oversee CAP's operations at the request of Anthony Blenkinsop, director of the Attorney General's Charitable Trusts unit and relieved its 11-member board, chaired by Rep. William "Bill" Hatch of Gorham, of its duties.

These first steps plus a dedicated staff, a thorough review of operations, and bailout funds appropriated by the state Legislature saved nearly all of the agency's program: senior meals and other elderly services, ServiceLink, RSVP, Head Start, guardianship services, domestic violence and sexual assault programs, public transportation, economic development, fuel assistance and weatherization.

Fahey reported to the Probate court in June 2013 that he believed that the agency was adequately stabilized for him to step back, and Coughlin was hired in November.

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