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Some AVRRDD landfill gas is flowing again to GPT mill

January 22, 2014
BERLIN — The Androscoggin Valley Regional Recycling Disposal District (AVRRDD) started sending landfill gas from Mt. Carberry in Success to the Gorham Paper and Tissue (GPT) paper mill last week, reported executive director Sharon Gauthier.

When asked whether it's made a difference to the mill, GPT CEO Mike Cummings replied, "Yes, it is very helpful to have the LFG flowing once again. The flow is low relative to previous levels, however, because the system still isn't working as originally designed. But, we're happy to have it, and the savings are significant."

The installation of the flare for the regeneration gas was finished last week, Gauthier explained, pointing out that this is the $125,000 project that AVRRDD presented in December to the Cos County Planning Board for the Unincorporated Places.

"This flare," Gauthier said, "is in place to help troubleshoot and diagnose the problems we've been having."

The recent profitability woes at GPT that resulted in a significant restructuring caused by record-high natural gas prices were magnified by a glitch in the landfill gas delivery system that halted the flow of LFG to the paper mill, Mt. Carberry's only customer.

There are 10 communities in the District: Berlin, Dummer, Errol, Gorham, Jefferson, Milan, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark, and the Unincorporated Places in Cos County.

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