Wi-Fi to be installed in both county nursing homes

November 20, 2013
WEST STEWARTSTOWN — The Coös county commissioners and the county delegation of state representatives have teamed up to approve a contract with CheckBox Systems, LLC, of Gray, Me., to bring Wi-Fi — wireless computer access — to residents and their visitors at the county nursing homes in both Berlin and West Stewartstown.

The initial cost is $6,025 in Berlin and $5,536 in West Stewartstown for a total cost of $11,561.

Monthly fees will have to be budgeted in the 2014 budget and in following years.

The delegation voted its approval at a meeting held in Concord before the special session held to consider Medicaid expansion. The state reps voted to draw on contingency funds to acquire this modern-day amenity for nursing homes residents.

Chairman Tom Brady of Jefferson had suggested at an earlier commissioners' meeting that the county's network-database administrator David Leveille consider this vendor, because, he said, its services had fit the requirements of his family-owned Fort Jefferson Campground at a competitive price with good service.

"This is a huge step forward for these nursing homes," Brady said. Not only will residents enjoy this access, he said, but visiting family members who bring in laptops, tablets, and Smartphones will be able to allow their loved ones to interact with friends and other family members on-line.

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