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Horrorfest 2013 surpassed previous years

Chris Dubey, director of Horrorfest, dances with little Addisyn before the show. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
October 23, 2013
BERLIN During the early evening of 10th annual RiverFire on Saturday, a massive line of Horrorfest ticket holders stood before the gate of the Haunted Logging Camp as they anticipated the show. Chainsaws and shrieks could be heard beyond the fog that filled the park. After the pumpkins and boom piers were lit ablaze around 7 P.M., the horror was unleashed.

As people entered at their own risk, cannibals, ghouls, zombies, creatures, and maniacs appeared everywhere and soon, screams from the visitors were heard throughout the park.

The first theme was a live action interactive T.V. show on cannibal cooking. As they went around the corner, a dead disc jockey appeared out of nowhere before the attendees entered the first logging camp. John Doe's Butcher Shop featured deformed victims with missing body parts who ached in agony.

Uncle Jasper's Science Lab displayed a "frankentastic" demonstration of reviving the dead.

After finding their way out of a horrific maze, the visitors made their way through a haunted cemetery where ghouls tried to possess their souls, and then, they had to make it through a disturbing, ghostly section with a vintage hearse and a Ghostbusters wagon before entering the abode of Mary the Serial Killer who featured jars and bowls of body parts and a maimed victim.

After a protester started a big brawl, a maniac chased the visitors with a chainsaw forcing them towards Dr. Livenstein's house of deformed zombies, and then into the Cabin in the Woods where human mutations terrorized them. Finally, they exited the camp.

Horrorfest was a huge success and was the biggest year yet selling a little over 800 tickets. About 150 were allowed back in for free for a second round. About 20 people could not finish and had to be escorted out by security.

"We are really happy the RiverFire committee allows us to express in this artistic vision," said director, Chris Dubey. "It's a source of great pride that they believe in us and that their investment paid off. It's an amazing feeling for it to work. It was a big win."

The Horrorfest team, all of which are volunteers, would like to thank the Berlin Fire Department, Dave and Jill Dubey, RiverFire, all of the attendees, and all who contributed and supported. There will be another Horrorfest next year.

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