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Delta Power starts recruiting process for Burgess BioPower jobs

January 23, 2013
BERLIN — The 75-megawatt Burgess BioPower plant is not expected to be fully operational until fall, most likely on Oct. 17, when Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co., Inc., a subsidiary of Charlotte-N.C.-based Babcock & Wilcox, hands over the "turnkey" project to owner Cate Street Capital of Portsmouth.

The commissioning process at the 75-megawatt wood-chip burning plant will likely begin in June.

Another Babcock & Wilcox subsidiary, Houston-Texas-based Delta Power Services (DPS), LLC, that holds a six-year $19 million-plus contract to provide operations and maintenance services, is beginning to gear up for this upcoming transition.

Delta has already named Dan Heald its Plant Manager, said Alex Ritchie, Cate Street Capital's managing director of government and community relations in a recent e-mail exchange.

Two other higher-level jobs, one a biomass maintenance manager, were listed last week on the state Employment Security's Job Match System (JMS), designed to connect people with jobs, said NHES office manager Mark Belanger at a Friday morning interview in Berlin. With 40 jobs to fill, DPS will likely list most of them in April.

"But the process has started," Belanger explained happily.

Since all unemployed workers who are receiving benefits must be registered to take advantage of the JMS, they need take no further action.

But employed workers who also would like to know when certain kinds of jobs are available on NHES' "virtual recruiter" can list themselves as interested in up to 10 occupations to be automatically notified of potential job matches.

In addition to employers who list themselves online via computer or by coming into the state Employment Security Office, JMS' "web-crawler" feature also allows it to reach into private job boards, human resource sites, and ads in newspapers with the publishers' permission.

"It's a powerful tool," Belanger said.

The NHES Berlin office now works with employers in the Lancaster-Whitefield area in addition to Berlin-Gorham and Colebrook-Groveton, plus the small towns that surround them.

Laid-off workers in Lancaster and Whitefield filing for unemployment benefits continue to use the Littleton NHES office, but employers looking to fill jobs in these two towns now use the NHES Berlin office and its 11-person staff.

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