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350-plus workers are on-site at Burgess BioPower plant

More than half the work to make the Burgess BioPower plant operational in Oct. 2013 has been completed. Photo by Edith Tucker. (click for larger version)
October 31, 2012
BERLIN — Work around the old boiler at the former Burgess Pulp Mill site, around which Cate Street Capital's up-to-75-megawatt Burgess BioPower plant is being constructed, has exceeded the halfway mark, Cate Street senior project analyst Alex Ritchie said last week.

When the Burgess BioPower electricity-generating facility is online, it will directly employ 40 workers.

"The Berlin biomass project is on schedule and on budget, Ritchie said. "There are now over 350 workers on the highly organized site. Engineering and procurement is 93 percent complete."

The plant is slated to be operational about a year from now in Oct. 2013.

The plant will burn about 750,000 tons of low-grade wood a year, pumping some $25 million into the North Country's economy, as loggers, chippers, and foresters, work to meet the demand for the fuel stock. Truckers, heavy equipment mechanics, and others who provide ancillary services will also be employed.

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