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New Hampshire Family Houses help to give Berlin a facelift

October 31, 2012
BERLIN Tim and Kim Coulombe and Kevin and Nherizza Lacasse, owners of New Hampshire Family Houses and TKB Properties, support the Moving Downtown Forward initiative to help give Berlin a facelift, and are doing their part to help.

The owners have been granted the old T-Birds Restaurant building on Main Street by the city on a tax deed, and the back taxes were eliminated. The whole building was gutted out and the owners are finishing up the spray-foam insulation which makes the building airtight and is very energy efficient. "Nobody in Berlin really used spray-foam until we started using it," said Tim Coulumbe. "We did it in our own house. It is a very good way to conserve energy and we encourage other people to use it as well."

The building will contain three commercial spaces on the bottom floor and six units on the second floor with four one bedroom apartments and two studio apartments, which will bring tax revenue to the city. A pellet stove will be installed and there will be full air conditioning.

The owners received a federal grant from NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Program) and a portion of the grant is for the old T-Birds building and two other properties; 25 percent of the grant is for the commercial spaces. Better Buildings have provided grant money also for the installation of pellet stoves and for the spray-foam insulation and other Energy Star Appliances.

New Hampshire Family Houses and TKB Properties set out to visually improve their buildings, as well as provide better management and maintenance, and conserve energy-usage. They are reaching their goals. They maintain 23 buildings in Berlin. A majority of the profits they make go into fixing up and maintaining their buildings. The owners also support keeping things local, so most of their contractors and suppliers are locally owned.

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