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Batchelder wins 3-way Republican primary race for Register of Deeds

September 19, 2012
LANCASTER — Tanya Batchelder of Lancaster won the 3-way Republican primary race for the $40,000-a-year post of Registrar of Deeds on Sept. 11. The current registrar, Carole Lamirande of Gorham, announced in Dec. 2011 that she would not run for another term, and she endorsed Batchelder who works in the Deeds office as her successor.

Batchelder won 1,414 votes, and her opponents, both Berlin natives — Denise Fortin of Gorham and Mike Neil of Berlin — each garnered 667 votes.

"I'm very happy the Primary is over, and I'm very happy that — with no opposition on Nov. 6 — I will be the next Registrar of Deeds," Bathchelder said in a Monday morning telephone interview. "I'd like to thank voters in the county for their support and for going out to vote in a primary, as well as those who endorsed me."

With 319 votes, Batchelder carried Lancaster by a wide margin. Fortin only received 33 votes, and Neil, 28.

Neil carried Berlin with 205 votes, but Batchelder garnered 171 votes and Fortin, 153.

Batchelder edged out Fortin by a single vote in Gorham, receiving 82 votes to Fortin's 81. Neil tallied 57.

Batchelder received more votes — 1,414 — than the combined total votes tallied by her two opponents — 1,334.

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