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Berlin company acquired by company in Middle East

August 08, 2012
BERLIN - Berlin based KDPaine and Partners has been acquired by New Group International (NGI), a company based in Dubai. NGI also acquired Report International, a company founded in Brussells in 1987, now headquartered in London.

"What we do is measure the effectiveness of marketing by looking at articles, blogs, tweets, You Tube videos and more. We cull from that how our clients are seen in the marketplace," Katie Delahaye Paine said, explaining what her company does. KDPaine and Partners has been in Berlin for six years.

The other company acquired by NGI, Report International, does the same thing, but in the European and Asian marketplace.

Previously NGI, which Paine said is the leading social media listening company in the Middle East, had a small division working in this field, called Salience Research. The combination of this division, plus Report International and KD Paine and Partners will create a "global measurement powerhouse," according to a press release put out by NGI. It will be called Salience Insight.

"The first question everyone will ask, I'm sure, is what does this mean for our Berlin operation," Paine said. "The answer is that our new owners are firmly committed to Berlin. Initial cost analysis shows that our Berlin folks are probably the most efficient and cost effective analysts anywhere in the world, so if anything we will be expanding our presence in the North Country. In fact, our new boss toured Berlin last week and is making plans to bring his family up to StoryLand soon."

Paine said this merger has been under discussion for five years. She said she met Mazen Nahawi, President of NGI, at a conference and they have been discussing how they can work together ever since.

"We had some of what he needed, but not all," she said. Recently KDPaine and Partners hired a former Hewlett Packard employee "and he brought the rest of it."

"People asked me why do this as your business is so successful, but sometimes the stars just line up right and the time is right," she said.

Paine will remain Chairman of KD Paine and Partners as well as take on a new role as the Chief Marketing Officer for NGI.

At present the company has 16 employees in Berlin, 90 percent of which work out of their homes, and she anticipates if anything that will grow.

"We have an educated work force that has a good work ethic. They're efficient, hard working and cost effective," she said. "We're committed to Berlin and will probably eventually add other areas within the state as well.

KDPaine and Partners is currently headquartered at 295 School Street in Berlin.

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