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Culinary graduate manages Alton Senior Center

Natasha LaPointe, Alton Senior Center Manager and a CIA graduate, Spoke to members of the Alton Rotary Club about her many roles providing a place for low-income families and the elderly to gather for lunch at the Center. Her CIA degree from the Culinary Institute of America plays an important part in teaching some of her clients how to cook. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
September 08, 2021
ALTON — "It takes more than a degree from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to successfully manage the Alton Senior Center," stated manager of the center, Natasha LaPointe, in her presentation to members of the Alton Rotary Club last Thursday.

"You also have to understand and know what is required to work with low-income families and the elderly and on how to assist them in their efforts to become or remain both financially and socially independent," she added.

Hired two and a half years ago by Community Action Program (CAP), LaPointe's roles and tasks are to provide a broad array of services that are locally defined, planned and managed by her. As an agency, CAP sponsors and manages more than 70 programs designed to meet the needs of children, families, single parents, elderly and the disabled. Without the services provided by CAP, many local residents would be without a means to provide for their basic needs including food, shelter and a place to gather for social activities. That's where the Alton Senior Center plays an important role providing these services.

Other areas of CAP support include fuel assistance, housing, transportation, providing companionship and senior employment programs. CAP receives its funding for serving the Alton Senior Center clients from charitable donations and grants. As an Alton resident, married and mother of two, LaPointe's heart and soul is dedicated to being sure the senior center continues to serve the needs of those individuals. Typical day includes providing 15-20 lunches at $2 per person, socializing, plus teaching them how to cook, one of her learned skills as a graduate with a degree from the CIA. Future plans include expanding the senior center by adding an outside covered patio for summer BBQ's, meet and greets and fun

activities. It includes building the site with a lot of help from volunteers and donations to cover costs for materials. Any Alton citizen or organization that would like to donate, please send your tax-free donation to: Alton Senior Center, P.O. Box 1113, Alton, NH 03809, or drop it off at the center 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Rotary is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious service organization dedicated to improving and saving lives both locally and globally. To become a member of Rotary, call: Rotarian Duane Hammond, 569-3745.

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