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Water, water everywhere

Local entrepreneurs start spring water company

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by Joshua Spaulding
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Sports Editor - Salmon Press Newspapers
November 19, 2020
ALTON — A group of young entrepreneurs from the Alton area are looking to make some noise in the water market.

"The idea of plastic bottled water seemed so outdated to us, so we decided to come up with some alternatives," said Luciano Monzione, who along with Daniel Roberts, Jack St. Sauveur and Ethan Keslar, are the driving force behind Live Free Water. "We knew if we could come up with a unique way to do it, the opportunity is there."

The unique way the company is approaching it is through selling spring water in aluminum containers, which are much better for recycling purposes.

Back in 2009, Tim Morgan and Deanna O'Shaughnessy started bottling water on their farm on Old Wolfeboro Road, using Chamberlain Springs, which are on the farm's property.

"We worked out a deal with them to buy water in bulk from their well," Monzione said. "We retested the water, and it was all as good as it was 10 years ago."

Currently, Live Free Water is using a facility in Maine to take care of the bottling of the water, but they are in the process of building a new facility nearby that will make the process even more local than it already is.

Live Free Water is offering the reusable five-gallon spring water containers and dispensers that go with them.

"We offer the ability to reset coolers, we replace everything you are using," Monzione said, noting that the five-gallon containers are made of clear PVC, like ones you currently see in offices.

The other product that is currently being worked out is the aluminum containers, which will look to replace the plastic water bottles that people purchase.

"We will start with 16 ounces and then go from there," said Monzione. "And we can do seltzer water in the future, too.

"What sets us apart from the big bottled water brands that dominate the market is our modern approach," Monzione continued. "Drinking water will always be a desired product, so why not design it for the future?"

Monzione added that the brand is targeting active and adventurous customers, particularly those who care about the environment.

Additionally, the company has talked to a number of local businesses about carrying the product, including some local cafes and restaurants around the region.

"And hopefully, we can get it in shelves in grocery stores at some point," Monzione added.

Live Free Water has also organized a sky diving event over Weirs Beach and plans to organize more live events in the future to benefit and raise awareness for efforts to reduce plastic waste, as well as for people around the world who lack clean drinking water.

The company has set up a Web site, livefreewater.com, where folks interested in the water can check out what is offered. Currently, delivery options are available for the larger containers and Monzione noted that the aluminum containers will eventually be available by the case on the web site.

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