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Locals have their say at the primary polls

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by Joshua Spaulding
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Sports Editor - Salmon Press Newspapers
September 16, 2020
REGION — While there weren't many local contested races on the ballot when voters went to the polls last Tuesday, there were a number of races higher up on the ballot.

A couple of the most contested races were on the Republican ballot, where four people were vying to run against incumbent US Senator Jeanne Shaheen and five people were hoping to face off with incumbent US Representative Chris Pappas. Gov. Chris Sununu also had a challenger in his Republican primary.


In Alton, Sununu received 877 votes to easily defeat Karen Testerman's 82 votes. Nobody, a Keene resident who legally changed his name, received eight votes.

For US Senate, Corky Messner of Wolfeboro was the winner in Alton with 595 votes to Don Bolduc's 310 votes. Andy Martin and Gerard Beloin finished with fewer than 20 votes each. Messner won statewide as well.

The US Representative race saw Matt Mowers pick up an easy win with 584 votes to Matt Mayberry's 179 votes. Michael Callis, Kevin Rondeau and Jeff Denaro all finished further down the list. Mowers was the choice across district one.

In the race to face off with Executive Councilor Mike Cryans, former Councilor Joe Kenney easily defeated Kim Strathdee 717-127.

The only other race on the Republican ballot in Alton was for delegate to the state convention, where Elizabeth Varney (564) and Priscilla Terry (419) edged David Moore (406).

For state senator, James Gray received 822 votes, for District five state representative, Peter Varney (716) and Paul Terry (575) move on to the general election while in district eight, Raymond Howard Jr. received 809 votes to move on. Bill Wright received 796 votes for Belknap County Sheriff, Andrew Livernois received 798 votes for county attorney, Michael Muzzey received 799 votes for county treasurer, Judy McGrath picked up 813 votes for register of deeds and Alan Glassman received 793 votes for register of probate.

On the Democratic ballot, the main race was for governor, where Dan Feltes edged Andru Volinsky 186-181. This mirrored the state results, as Feltes picked up the win.

Sen. Shaheen had a couple of challengers but they both received less than a dozen votes while Shaheen received 417.

Rep. Pappas received 418 votes, Cryans received 378 votes for executive council, Christopher Rice received 377 votes for state senator, Johnna Davis received 357 votes for register of deeds and Lynn Thomas received 357 votes for register of probates. For state representative in district five, Duane Hammond received 320 votes and Stephen Copithorne garnered 396, with both moving on to the general election. Ruth Larson received 387 votes for the district eight state representative seat.


In Barnstead, Messner defeated Bolduc by a margin of 327-215, with Martin and Beloin further down the line.

Mowers also defeated Mayberry in Barnstead, 360-111, with Rondeau, Callis and Denaro also receiving votes.

For Executive Councilor, Jim Beard edged Stewart Levenson by a margin of 257-249.

Sununu also easily defeated Testerman 565-59 in the gubernatorial primary.

The rest of the races were uncontested. Gray received 482 votes for state senate, Howard received 495 votes for district eight state representative, Barbara Comtois received 513 votes for district seven state representative, Wright received 512 votes for sheriff, Livernois received 488 votes for county attorney, Muzzey picked up 483 votes for county treasurer, McGrath received 494 votes for register of deeds and Glassman received 489 votes for register of probate. Glen Waring received 482 votes for county commissioner and Chantel Beauchamp received 484 votes for delegate to the state convention.

On the Democratic side, Volinsky was able to defeat Feltes in Barnstead, 175-156.

Shaheen picked up 344 votes in Barnstead to easily outdistance Tom Alciere and Paul Krautmann.

The biggest race on the Democratic ballot in Barnstead was for executive council, where six Democrats were vying to replace Volinsky. Cinde Warmington was the winner in Barnstead with 110 votes with Leah Plunkett next at 87 votes and Emmett Soldati third with 56 votes. Craig Thompson received 39 votes, John Shea picked up 25 votes and Jay Surdukowski received 20 votes.

For state senate, Rice received 312 votes, for district eight state representative, Larson received 332 votes, Jane Westlake received 339 votes for district seven state representative, Davis received 296 votes for register of deeds and Lynn Thomas received 292 votes for register of probate.

New Durham

In New Durham, Sununu cruised to a victory by a 395-50 margin over Testerman.

For US Senator, Messner picked up the win by a 282 to 139 margin over Bolduc, with Martin and Beloin each in single digits.

Mowers received 250 votes for US Representative, with Mayberry next with 113 votes. Rondeau, Callis and Denaro were all at fewer than 25 votes.

Kenney also cruised over Strathdee in New Durham, finishing with 285 votes to 102.

Paul Callaghan defeated Wayne Estes 193-180 to be on the ballot for county sheriff.

Gray received 340 votes for state senator and Kurt Wuelper (311) and Michael Harrington (260) will both move on the state representative race.

For New Durham Democrats, Feltes edged Volinsky by a 116-108 margin.

Shaheen easily outdistanced her competitors with 237 votes to single-digit counts for Alciere and Krautmann.

Four people were on the ballot for county sheriff, with Tracy Hayes receiving the most votes with 80, Anthony Macaione next at 61, Mark Brave with 45 and Brandon Drysdale at 35.

Jeff Allard (204) and Heath Howard (168) are both moving on to the general election for state representative, Rice received 224 votes for state senate, Thomas Velardi received 213 votes for county attorney, Pamela Arnold picked up 217 votes for county treasurer, Catherine Berube was on 218 ballots for register of deeds, Luz Bay received 205 votes for register of probate and Deanna Rollo (195), Robert Watson (172) and George Maglaras (177) all will move on to the general election for county commissioner.

Sports Editor Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 279-4516, ext. 155 or josh@salmonpress.news.

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