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Classroom, remote learning plans coming together

September 10, 2020
WOLFEBORO — SAU staff and principals are "working fast and furiously to put it all together", said Superintendent Kathy Cuddy-Egbert, reporting to the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board in the Kingswood Arts Center on Aug. 24. She complimented Director of Curriculum Kaitlyn Hill for sorting through families to best match teachers and remote learning schedules and Assistant Superintendent Heather Cummings and Susan Merrell, Director of Special Education and Counseling Services, for their work on putting the numbers together from parent surveys.

The superintendent said the matching process is not completely finished, "but it looks pretty good."

Next they need to split students participating in the hybrid program into groups A and B, which she expects to be accomplished shortly.

"The groups look good in terms of classroom spacing," the Middle School is able to have a remote team with Middle School teachers, and the "class sizes look good to implement all the requirements," said Cuddy-Egbert.

The high school sorting is the most difficult because of the number of classes and various levels, she added. More than 100 have chosen remote learning as the best option, which will be delivered by Educere, an outside provider. Cuddy-Egbert said those numbers could change with that information. Special education needs to be fine-tuned, but there will be an option for those who need a five day a week program.

In answer to a question brought up at a past meeting on how students engaged in certification programs at the Lakes Region Technology Center will be able to complete their requirements, Cuddy-Egbert said four of those programs may be able to run four days a week.

"We still have a long way to go," she said. "We are about 80 percent of the way to get everything the way it needs to be. I thank the SAU folks and school administrators. We are creating a new system."

As for the elementary schools, all the students signed up for remote learning will have GWRSD teachers. The numbers look like this: Grade One, 34 remote, with 16 more possible; Grade Two, 42, with potential for 12 more; Grade Three, 36 remote with six potential; Grade Four, 45 remote with possibly seven more; Grade Five, 42, with 11 more possible; Grade Six, 50 remote, with 7 potential; Kindergarten, 31 with 11 more potential remote signups.

Eighty to one hundred middle school students are enrolled in the remote program at present. Many more students will be homeschooled than is typical.

School Board Chairman Jack Widmer, answering a question on the school going full time, said that most of the schools whose students are full time are single school towns and they have the capacity for six foot spacing. In a cooperative district such as the GWRSD, all school offerings have to be the same.

If one school happens to be able to meet the requirements for full time face to face school, and another does not it can not happen.

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