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Guest speaker urges Rotary members to choose wisely when granting power of attorney

August 06, 2020
ALTON — When it's time for you to decide who'll you'll appoint as your guardian with the Power of Attorney, you must choose the person you can trust the most, and not because 'you love or like them.' They can be the same person, but be very careful.

That was the advice of Guest Speaker Attorney Rebecca MacGregor, who spoke at last Thursday's (July 30) Alton Centennial Rotary Club's weekly Zoom meeting.

"Who'll you choose to speak on your behalf, a Health Care Proxy, an Attorney, a Financial Spokesperson, all will have enormous power over you when, or if, you become incapacitated and can't speak for yourself. They'll be making decisions on what your doctors recommend, what bills to pay, to sell your home, property, deal with your investments and, 'when to pull the plug.'"

"The first and best thing anyone should do to lessen the burden on how to settle your estate, is to hire an Estate Planning Attorney," MacGregor stated.

"Verbal promises made, notes left behind by the deceased, even wills that were not periodically updated, who the beneficiaries are, likely may not have any legal standing as decided by a judge," she added.

Another topic she addressed was setting up a Trust Fund as a way to guarantee your requests for settling your estate will be met. MacGregor was introduced by Rotarian Reverend, Kenneth Steigler. Alton Centennial Rotary serves the towns of Alton, Barnstead and New Durham. Anyone interested in seeing and hearing Rotary at work, are invited to join any Thursday 7 a.m. meeting via Zoom. Contact President Regan: 1-508-733-2413… E-mail: rbregan211@gmail.com for information on how to join in.

Varney Smith
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