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Wentworth, Johnson win Alton selectmen seats

March 16, 2017
ALTON — More than 600 voters turned out in the snowstorm on Tuesday to cast their ballots in Alton's election.

The main race on the town ballot was for two seats on the Alton Board of Selectmen, with six residents putting their names on the ballot for the three-year seats.

Former selectman Reuben Wentworth was the top overall vote-getter, as he picked up 408 votes to win one of the seats and incumbent Cydney Johnson received 235 votes to win another term. Roger Nelson was third with 201 votes, followed by incumbent Lou LaCourse with 165, Tim Macdonald with 61 and David Conrad with 34.

There was only one other race on the ballot and that saw LaCourse edging out Macdonald by a 274-219 vote for a two-year seat as water commissioner.

For a trustee of trust fun seat for three years, David St. Cyr received 464 votes. Betty Jane Meulenbroek received 492 votes for a three-year term as library trustee and Courtney Mitchell received 451 votes for a three-year seat as water commissioner. The one-year seat as water commissioner went to Nancy Downing with 463 votes. Nelson will return to the budget committee for three years with 474 votes, David Hershey will return for two years to the budget committee with 439 votes and Andrew Levasseur will be back on the budget committee for one year with 450 votes. Roger Sample received 478 votes for a three-year seat on the planning board and Mary Murphy received 478 votes for a three-year seat at supervisor of the checklist. For zoning board for three years, Paul Larochelle (425) and Paul Monzione (382) will each have a seat.

Alton School District

The Alton School District ballot featured just one race.

In the battle for a three-year seat on the Alton School Board, Karen Kharitonov received 360 votes to Conrad's 151 votes.

Robin Lane received 477 votes for a one-year term as moderator, Linda Roy received 485 votes for a one-year term as clerk and Jean Stone received 494 votes for a three-year term as treasurer.

Because of internet outages, Barnstead was not able to send in results on Tuesday evening. Those results will appear in next week's edition.

New Durham postponed its voting until Thursday, March 16, and those results will appear in next week's paper.

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