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Christie brings campaign to Barnstead

New Jersey governor talks with voters at JJ Goodwin's

GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE walks in the Wolfeboro Fourth of July parade, one day after meeting voters in Barnstead. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 08, 2015
BARNSTEAD — New Jersey Governor and 2016 presidential hopeful Chris Christie met with members of BARC'G (Barnstead Alton Gilmanton Republican Committee) and the public at a meet and greet at JJ Goodwin's in Barnstead on Friday, July 3.

Christie, who was accompanied by wife Mary Pat as well as children Andrew and Sarah, was welcomed into a room full of interested Republicans, reporters and some local politicians.

Wayne MacDonald, Chairman of Christie's campaign in New Hampshire, thanked JJ Goodwin's owner Donna Goodwin for providing the venue and for being "very supportive of Republican ideals and politics."

MacDonald also thanked Belknap County GOP Chair Alan Glassman and his wife Jan for making this event possible; recognizing this was how the politically active couple was spending their 40th wedding anniversary.

Also recognized for being present were State Senators Jeanie Forrester and Sam Cataldo; State Representative David Russell and Barnstead Planning Board member and overseer of public welfare Elaine Swinford.

MacDonald thanked Barnstead Police Chief Joe McDowell for his help as well.

Christie spoke to those in attendance stating he had announced his bid for presidency the previous Tuesday in New Jersey and came immediately to New Hampshire, where he had been since.

Christie shared he had three areas of particular concern he wanted to address, the first area he listed was entitlements.

Christie noted 71 percent of the federal budget this year was going to entitlements, compared to the 26 percent that was spent on entitlements in 1960 when JFK became president.

Christie said this is something we "better talk about" as a country because of the effect on our economy and how it will hurt the young people of our country.

The second area Christie addressed that he stated needs reforming is the federal tax system. He stated the Obama administration created 81,000 pages of new regulations in just one year.

Christie stated the system needed to be "fairer and flatter" and we needed to get rid of the deductions only the wealthy use.

People should be able to "do taxes in 15 minutes," said Christie, noting his father who is a CPA "hates that part of the speech."

The third area of great concern to Christie is national security.

When Christie stated that, the crowd in attendance immediately started applauding.

Christie said he is the only candidate who been a chief federal prosecutor. He told the audience that he was appointed as such by President George W. Bush immediately after 9/11.

Christie claimed his knowledge was "not hypothetical…I worked the Patriot Act, prosecuting terrorists."

Christie said he wants to rebuild our military. He observed "this President has let it slide down" and "the rest of the world has taken notice" by getting "aggressive."

Christie stated the rest of the world knows we have a President who doesn't keep his word.

"Once the American President says it, it has to happen," said Christie noting whether everyone else agrees with the issue or not.

Christie said he did not want the United States to be the world's policeman, but rather be the "world's leader."

Christie closed by saying he has been in New Hampshire 11 times since January and he will keep coming back.

He stated he would like to earn the trust and vote of the people. Christie said he is willing to stand and answer questions; have conversations and he hopes all the candidates will do the same.

"Take the measure of our character and where we stand on positions," said Christie.

He wished everyone a happy Fourth of July noting, "This is still the greatest country in the world… never forget tomorrow to say a prayer for our blessings… we are a very lucky country."

Christie then spent time meeting with people in the room individually.

Senator Cataldo stated he would "see them all" and then make up his mind, but Swinford told said she is currently a Christie supporter.

"He talks about a bigger and stronger military; he means what he says," said Swinford of Christie.

Martin Lord Osman
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