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Barnstead selectmen authorize on-site drug testing

June 16, 2015
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen met for its weekly meeting on Tuesday, June 9, where the board members signed contracts with Anthem health insurance, giving authorization for on-site drug testing of town employees.

Selectmen's secretary Karen Montgomery stated the random screening is a lot more convenient when employees can stay on-site rather than go to some office out of town for testing.


Montgomery informed the selectmen that a resident was kayaking on Hunter's Pond when they noticed it is "filled with milfoil."

Montgomery suggested they contact New Durham resident and milfoil expert Ed Neister, but noted there was not any more money in the budget for treating it this year.

Barnstead assessing clerk Carol Locke stated she knew of another household on Hunter's Pond who had complained and already contacted Neister about the problem.

Chairman Gordon Preston wondered how milfoil had spread to Hunter's Pond, but Locke reminded Preston milfoil may be spread easily by staying on the bottom of any boat that has been in milfoil filled water and then put in other waters.

Public input

Resident Bruce Grey addressed the selectmen during public input to note what a nice job Connecticut Sealcoating out of Bethlehem, Conn. did in sealing up the cracks on the basketball court.

Grey also noted the highway department cleaned up some tree growth as well.

Grey stated some work has been done also on the archery range. Wood chips were spread and a four-foot flat spot was graded on top of the berm.

Additionally, Grey stated Rob Tiede did work on the test well, making it easier to access and that was greatly appreciated.

Grey hopes to have the targets set up by the second or third week of July, so kids can start using the range for archery.

The town hopes to paint the building since there is money in the budget for paint. Montgomery stated they could call the prison superintendent and get some inmates over to Barnstead to help paint.

The prisoners, however, do need transportation typically, so she suggested the town ask road agent Jim Doucette to make arrangements in that area.

Grey also informed the selectmen there were now three new 4H certified archery instructors in town who are also covered under the umbrella for 4H insurance.

Town hall employee and resident Jeanie Terry announced Barnstead Parade Congregation is preparing for Gathering on the Green to be held on Aug. 29. They are currently looking for crafters, vendors, yard salesmen or any organization with a booth to participate.

For more information contact Terry at 269-5441.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meets every Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. in the town hall.

Martin Lord Osman
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