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Huppe, Rogers lead the charge in Barnstead

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by Joshua Spaulding
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NATHAN HUPPE sprints to the finish line to win the Barnstead Firefighters Association 5K on Saturday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 25, 2014
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Firefighters Association hosted its third annual 5K road race on Saturday.

This year, the race proceeds went toward the Jacob Weber Scholarship Fund, named in honor of the former Barnstead firefighter who passed away last year. Many of Weber's family members were in attendance and took part in the race.

The flat and fast course ran from Barnstead Parade down Parade Road to the intersection of Route 126 and returned to the Parade by the same route.

Nathan Huppe of Dover came home with the victory on Saturday, finishing the course in 16:15, 22 seconds ahead of Owen Clark, who crossed in 16:37. Kurt Richardson, Mark Richardson and Seth Richardson, all of Wolfeboro, finished in spots three through five in 17:28, 17:47 and 18:16, respectively.

Among the female competitors, Alley Rogers of Alton was the top finisher, as she took 17th place overall in 22:24. Judi Lemaire of Wolfeboro was the second woman in 21st place overall in 24:02, followed closely by Liz Anderson in 24:13. Kat McQuade of Barnstead was the fourth female in 24:56 and Kathy Baril of Concord rounded out the top five women in 25:06 for 27th place overall.

Cam Stinchfield of Wakefield finished sixth overall in 18:25, while Raymond Wilson of Alton placed 10th overall in 20:47. New Durham's Soren Babcock finished in 18th place in 22:28, with Dan Richardson of Wolfeboro in 20th in 24:00.

Barnstead's John Savage finished in 24:48 for 24th place overall, winning the award for the fastest Barnstead runner. Danielle Taylor of Barnstead finished 29th in 25:15, with Tommy Howlett of Barnstead in 30th in 25:20.

Nan Henderson of Wolfeboro placed 32nd in 25:32, with Elizabeth Germond of Barnstead running to 35th place in 25:59. Barnstead's Jim Hennessey raced to 37th overall in 26:10, with Robert Hotchkiss of New Durham in 40th in 27:06.

Barnstead's Jennifer Burns finished in 41st place in a time of 27:11, while Alton's Stanley Moulton placed 45th in 27:55 and was the race's oldest competitor at 79 years old. Jim Kidder of Barnstead was 46th in 28:09 and Madeline Kriete of Barnstead finished in 49th place in 28:38.

Barnstead's Sharon Kriete finished 51st in a time of 28:43, while Sheri Hotchkiss of New Durham finished in 53rd in 29:37. Colyn Pineo of Wolfeboro was 54th in 29:47 and Melody Pitman of Wolfeboro finished in 58th in 29:54.

Adam Richardson of Wolfeboro was 63rd overall in 31:29, with Christopher Normand of Barnstead in 64th in 31:39 and Suzanne Terry of Barnstead in 6th in 32:22. Sarah Hotchkiss of New Durham finished 70th in 33:12.

Gilbert Smith of Barnstead came in 71st in a time of 31:39, with Jason Pitman of Barnstead in 73rd place in 34:45. Emma Vignola of Barnstead was 74th in 34:48, Harold Ben Arey IV of Barnstead was 77th in 35:05, Samantha Hotchkiss of New Durham was 78th in 35:07 and Mandy Savage of Barnstead in 79th in 35:26.

Cathleen White of Barnstead finished in 83rd in 35:42, Jane Shaban of Barnstead placed 85th in 36:01, Elizabeth Babcock of New Durham finished 86th in 38:32 and Brady Call of New Durham was 90th in 42:31.

Eric Call of New Durham was 91st in 42:32, Kris Howlett of Barnstead was 92nd in 43:15, with Joey Howlett of Barnstead 93rd in the same time. Ean Conti of Barnstead was 94th in 46:05, with Teagan McCausland of Barnstead in 95th in 46:08, Sean Howlett of Barnstead in 46:42 for 98th, Maddy Howlett of Barnstead in 99th in 46:44 and Declan McCausland of Barnstead in 100th in 47:47.

Barnstead's Brennagh McCausland was 101st in 48:00, Dana McCausland of Barnstead finished 102nd in 48:02, Lynn Mayville of Alton was 105th in 53:44, Nancy Mayville of Alton was 108th in 55:38, Tanya Pitman of Barnstead was 109th in 55:44 and Hailey Pitman of Barnstead placed 110th in a time of 56:00.

The Barnstead Firefighters Association thanked all the runners and volunteers who turned out for the race and also offered up a huge thank you to the race sponsors, Robert Towle Pallet Co, Northeast Delta Dental, Globe Manufacturing, Stonyfield Yogurt, Bergeron's Protective Clothing, Hannaford's of Alton, Frekey's Dairy Freeze, Tiede's Service Station and Runner's Alley.

Complete results can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com

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