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Selectmen told Stockbridge Corner project is wrapped up

August 20, 2014
ALTON — The Alton Board of Selectmen met on Aug. 18 for its biweekly meeting.

Town Administrator Russell Bailey updated the selectmen during the meeting. He told them they have filed for a grant to work on the sidewalks, but it would be a while before the town would know anything.

Bailey also informed the board that the Stockbridge Corner Road reconstruction was now completed and he would be attending a "close out" meeting on Friday, Aug. 22.

Additionally, Bailey has been meeting with representatives from the local cemeteries and the town's IT department to look at purchasing software similar to surrounding communities. This software would allow Alton to keep a database of the cemetery plots.

Bailey stated it would take approximately a year to get the program up and running.

Bailey told the board of selectmen a lady came to Town Hall that day to question the placement of political signs in Ginny Douglas Park. He stated there are four or five signs in the park and normally political signs are not allowed on town property.

The board seemed to all agree that if they are not allowed on town property then they need to be taken down.

Bailey said they need to get in touch with the owners.

However, Chairman Loring Carr had another opinion.

"I disagree. I like those political signs. It means we are actively participating in democracy…I don't like them in the town hall…I don't see anything wrong with them in that little park," argued Carr.

He was not able to sway the other board members and the order to have the signs removed stood.

There was no public in attendance for the public input.

The selectmen reviewed and accepted the minutes from three meetings in July and a meeting on Aug. 7.

Bailey provided the board with project status updates.

He informed them that Trask Side Road was almost complete and Dan Kelley Drive would be paved next. Additionally, according to Bailey work is being completed on Frohock Road and will begin on Alton Mountain Road soon.

Bailey shared concerns over grinding and paving Echo Point Road since the residents will not be able to leave during the work of both the grinding and the paving.

He suggested having police, ambulance and fire located inside of the area in case of emergency.

As an alternative he has asked the highway department to check on the feasibility of doing the project at night. It may cost more, but would have a lower impact said Bailey.

As for the sidewalk project Bailey said he had some of the easements signed and expected no problems with getting the others signed as well.

The board all agreed the highway garage definitely needs a new roof, but the debated over the type of insulation to put in while replacing it.

The current insulation is ruined since it is wet from the roof leaking.

The board is interested in discovering if spray foam insulation is affordable for this project.

The board agreed the bid would read as "to remove the old roof and put a whole new roof on."

Selectman David Hussey was strongly in favor of the spray foam insulation, but the board all agreed to talk over their options with whoever gets the bid for the work.

The selectmen voted unanimously to move forward with the project.

Streetlight inventory

Bailey informed the board that currently employees are creating a map that lays out where all the lights in town are located. It will also show where the intersections without lights are located.

"Our intent is not to add any lights, just move them around for safety purposes," said Bailey of the project.

The board talked aesthetics and having historical looking lights for the downtown area.

Hussey cautioned it would depend on the costs.

Bailey told the board he would have more information on the subject for the selectmen at their next meeting.

Old business

The board spent a good deal of time going over proposed legislative changes on the state level.

They decided to only submit comments on the legislation the majority felt the town should oppose.

They covered a variety of issues from how many signatures should a petition article be required to obtain to the state getting tougher on elderly exemption laws.

The Alton board seemed to disagree with about a dozen of the proposed legislation presented to them.

Town offices will be closed on Monday, Sept. 1, for Labor Day.

The Alton Board of Selectmen meets the first and third Monday of every month in the town hall at 6 p.m.

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