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Positions to fill at Barnstead El

Athletic director, music teacher, assistant principal all moving on

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
July 01, 2014
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead School Board met on Tuesday, June 24, and accepted resignations to several key positions at the school.

Among the resignations were Athletic Director Sean Dunne, music teacher Greg Neveu, who is moving over to Alton Central School next year, and Assistant Principal Scott Young, who is taking a position as principal in Strafford in the fall.

The board also approved several nominations recommended by the administration. These nominations included: Laurel LaRoche as a fifth grade teacher, Darlene Jiang-Demetrion a special education teacher, Dianne Walsh-Green as a part-time social worker and Tammy Rackliff as the substitute coordinator.

Principal Tim Rice also talked about the positions of 21st Century Program Director, a new music teacher and the athletic director, which will be filled in the coming weeks.

Member Genevieve Michaud spoke about the ski program at Barnstead Elementary School and improvements for next year. The program is held every year at Gunstock and there was some talk about moving to Pat's Peak. Michaud said this would be $5 cheaper per student, but said change is always a different thing to get approval from the parents.

The board approved changing the time for students attending the program, with students being released early on Fridays on 12:30 p.m. If the school does decided to switch, a decision needs to be made fairly soon as the program at Pat's Peak fills up quickly.

Rice announced the current enrollment at BES finished at 504 at the end of the school year. The enrollment started the year 501 students the projected enrollment for the fall is just under 500 students.

Rice provided the school board with a list of the staffing and teaching positions and where they are located throughout the building, as previously requested by the board.

Member Kathy Grillo asked if exit interviews were a standard practice. Superintendent John Fauci and Rice said they have done them in the past, but they were done informally.

The board approved the recommendations by the administrations to hire teachers for the enrichment and summer programs at BES.

The board approved an oil bid that will secure a price of $3.182 per gallon for oil from Irving. The board also accepted a bid for landscaping at the school totaling $11,500.

There was discussion by the board to use mylunchmoney.com as a way for parents to set up online accounts for food services at the school. There is no charge to the school for the service, but each time a deposit is made a fee of $1.95 is charged. This new system will allow parents to monitor what their children are eating in great detail.

The board approved a request from Kristal Vernazzaro, the food service director, to work an extra 2.5 hours a week. The increase in hours is so the school can take part in the Six Cents Program so Vernazzaro has time to monitor certain aspects of the program, including correct measuring of condiments and cutting of fresh fruit.

Several students were congratulated for their participation in a poster contest hosted by the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission Division of Enforcement's "2014 Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest." Students submitted posters with the purpose of discouraging underage drinking and highlighting the benefits of being alcohol-free.

The students will be recognized at a New Hampshire Fisher Cats' game on Aug. 17. The three winners were: Ariel Cormier, a sixth grade runner-up, Coral Lee, a seventh grade winner and Ava Misiaszek, a sixth grade winner and third place statewide.

The board approved policies regarding transportation of students, staff ethics and confidentiality and an updated job description for the position of social worker

They tabled discussion on policies regarding weapons and dangerous implements on school property, modification of weapons expulsion and reporting child abuse.

Beijer talked about the replacement of parts of the tables in the cafeteria and the scheduled oil tank replacement and work on the bathrooms while discussing a recent Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the Barnstead School Board is on Tuesday, July 22, at 6 p.m. at the Barnstead Elementary School library.

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