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Temporary plan in place for ACS principal position

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
June 18, 2014
ALTON — Superintendent Bill Lander recently announced the plans to replace Sydney Leggett as principal at Alton Central School, and it involves some shuffling around within the ACS administration.

Lander will continue to serve as the superintendent of schools, with the added title of acting principal.

Linda Wilman, who is currently the Gifted and Talented/Enrichment Coordinator for QUEST, will serve as the associate principal, who will be charged with the duties presently in place for the principal.

Mikel LaChapelle will continue in his role as the assistant principal.

Lander said the decision to go in this direction came after input from the principal search committee as they reviewed candidates that had applied for the vacant principal's position. The committee felt none of the candidates were worthy of moving forward in the interview process.

Lander made the decision to move Wilman to the associate principal role and is confident she is the right person for the job.

"Linda's name came up in my head," Lander said. "She has the skills and potential to move things forward."

Lander said that is the plan for next year only, and that the administration is looking at the plan one year at a time.

Wilman is looking forward to next year and her new position of associate principal.

"I am very excited that I was selected as the person to uphold the mission of Alton Central School," Wilman said. "I am excited that we can continue to move in a positive direction."

Wilman has been working with students on differentiating instruction, project based learning and is hoping to continue to inspire connections and continuing to learn. She feels that she has a great administrative team behind her and is looking forward to working with Lander.

She will be stepping out the classroom, but she knows this will allow her to see what the entire school has to offer.

"I am going to miss being in the classroom and doing the actual teaching," Wilman added. "The bonus is that I will be in many classrooms and witness teaching by the different teachers in our school."

Wilman has been working directly with the current principal Sydney Leggett on the transition and will be until Leggett's last day at ACS at the end of the month.

Wilman is planning on continuing her education at a college during the next school year and hopes to complete her principal certification by the end of the school year.

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