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Road work ahead

Alton selectmen updated on numerous road projects

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
June 10, 2014
ALTON — The Alton Board of Selectmen met on Monday, June 9, and reviewed a pair of septic waiver applications and then held a public hearing on upcoming road projects in town.

Meeting as the board of health, the board approved a pair of septic waivers for the Olde Bay Diner. A new septic plan is now on file, as the owner of the diner is looking to sell the business and is required to have an approved set of septic plans on file before selling the commercial business.

The board also reviewed plans for a new septic on 58 Spring Street, where the system has been in failure since 2007. Member Dave Hussey and Chairman Loring Carr voiced concern over drainage issues on the property. Member Marc DeCoff questioned why the board established a policy to require the clean solution system near the lake, but the board granting waivers all the time for said systems.

Tom Varney, the engineer on the system, said that drainage wouldn't be affected by installing a new septic system on the property. The board voted on requiring a clean solution system and that motion failed by a 2-2 vote. Member Lou LaCourse was not at the meeting.

A motion to approve the waiver for the septic system also failed by a 2-2 vote. This motion also included language that would have required a new clean system if the new system were to have failed. The board agreed to do a site walk to inspect the property and look at the proposed system.

It was announced once again that Stockbridge Corner Road will be closed the week of June 23 for a week for the work that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation is doing on Route 28. Town Administrator Russ Bailey said signs would be located on Route 28 and on Route 11 indicating the dates of the closure.

Carr also made a statement about new decals on the police vehicles in town. He clarified that they aren't new vehicles, but new decals on the old vehicles. The department will be bringing several new Dodge Chargers in the coming weeks and the entire fleet has to have the same decals by law, and that is why the old decals are being replaced.

A public hearing was held to discuss work on Echo Point Road, Hamwoods Road, Abednego Road, Dan Kelley Drive and Sanctuary Lane.

The hearing was led by Ken Roberts, the highway agent, and he explained the plans for the different roads.

Plans include repaving on Abednego Road, adding catch basins on Sanctuary Road and work on the intersection of Sanctuary Road and Dan Kelley Drive.

He also talked about cutting trees down on Hamwoods Road and grinding and paving on Echo Point Road.

He answered questions from members of the public on the different projects. Many of the questions included timing.

Roberts said work on Hamwoods Road would be in three or four weeks and that Echo Point Road would be done later in the summer. Right now the town is working on Trask Side Road.

He explained that work on Echo Point Road was only to repave the road. There were some concerns from the public on the drainage on the road and people traveling at higher speeds after the work has been completed.

The board approved to put parts of the road projects out to bid, including tree cutting.

Bailey announced that the basement concrete has been put down and volunteers will start framing of the new addition to the senior center in the coming weeks. Bailey said that work on the town hall roof is scheduled to being on June 23. The sidewalk improvements are on hold until after Labor Day and will included along Maine Street in front of Village Pizza when the project resumes.

The board approved the minutes of the May 15, 19 and 28 meetings.

The board approved a bid submitted by Holden Engineering to do surveying on several roads in town totaling $16,286. The board also approved several items recommended by the town assessor that included multiple timber warrants and an administrative abatement.

The board approved a special event application for "Once Around the Winni" for Aug. 23. The board also discussed an application for vendor space in Alton submitted by Lisa's Dragonfly Gardens & Designs for multiple dates. The board approved using one of the town spaces for the dates submitted but rejected the application to use some of the grassy area in Alton Bay. The board approved an application for vendor space in Alton Bay for July 3 submitted for B&B Novelty.

The board also approved forwarding the list of unlicensed dogs to the police department, where warrants will be issued for not registering dogs in town.

During public input, Barbara Howard recommended that the selectmen speak more into the microphones so the audio would be better on the taped meetings. She also expressed disappointment in the board choosing a replacement member of the board in a non-public meeting and singled out Johnson for not being in attendance for the meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the Alton Board of Selectmen is on Monday, June 23, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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