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15 years at the polls for MaryBee Longabaugh

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider

MARYBEE LONGABAUGH served as the Supervisor of the Checklist in Alton for nearly 15 years before retiring after this last election. Tim Croes. (click for larger version)
April 30, 2014
ALTON — MaryBee Longabaugh spent nearly 15 years as the Supervisor of the Checklist, and this last election was her last on the books, but she will still be around every election day.

Longabaugh recalls what she was working with when she started the job back in 1999.

"When we started we had a little clunker of a computer," she said. "There was a program and everything had to be inputted."

In 2004, the State of New Hampshire created a new procedure for keeping record of the checklist for each town. She worked hard on clearing up any issues with the checklist and can even remember taking it home from time to time to work on clearing it up.

Although, she had to turn her key to the town and she won't be at the next election in any official capacity, Longabaugh plans to volunteer at the next election.

At the age of 80, she loves to be involved in the politics of the town.

"I love to see which issues are prominent for that election and what groups of people come to vote," Longabaugh added.

The town has had a very high turnout at the last two Presidential elections, more than 75 percent, but the turnout for the local level has been less than 40 percent. And that is something that she can't wrap her head around.

"It's hard for me to understand how people don't want to vote on issues that affect their daily lives," she said.

Longabaugh said the decision to step away from the position wasn't a tough one. She thought about stepping away six years ago, but she wanted to help finishing and updating the checklist. There are definitely things she will miss about the job.

"I will miss the camaraderie wit the people," Longabaugh added.

She recalls the great relationship she had working together with Anna Griffin, and recalls why she took the job in the first place.

"I went into it because I saw a need and I felt I could help take care of the what needed to be done," Longabaugh added. "I will work the polls as a volunteer."

For now, she will enjoy the spring and summer months and enjoy watching her beloved Red Sox with her husband Bob Longabaugh.

He was quick to point out that she always donated her stipend pay for the position to different charitable organizations in town.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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