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PMHS board approves history club trip

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
April 16, 2014
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain School Board met on Tuesday, April 8, and approved several items that came before the board.

The board approved a graduation date of June 13 for the Class of 2014.

The board approved a trip with the history club proposed by Mark Bingham to travel down to Virginia and visit the different historical battlefields in Fredericksburg and Richmond. Bingham said a total of 34 students would be going on the trip, and they would be camping for the trip.

Superintendent Bob Cullison informed the board that 89 percent of the senior class had been accepted into a post-secondary or military appointment. This represented 118 out of 133 students, and Cullison said the number is always growing.

Principal J Fitzpatrick talked about the fourth quarter of the school year starting up and talked about Jane Smith being recognized as the Consumer Science Teacher of the Year. He also talked about a concert on April 23 that will benefit the Prospect United Scholarship Committee.

The board approved the use of the school property by the National Guard for June 26, which is during the summer break.

The board reviewed and approved several policies. Vice-chair Eunice Landry suggested that a bullying policy for school board members should be created.

"There is no need for [bullying]," Landry said. "We are here for the same purpose and that should be the focus."

The board reviewed a proposal for REAP grant, which would be used to improve the wireless signal, and the board approved the grant.

During public input, Janice Rice asked member Steve Miller about his suggestion to form a study committee to investigate dissolving the Joint Maintenance Agreement (JMA) between Alton and Barnstead that formed Prospect Mountain.

Rice directed her question at Miller directly as to why he wanted to look into dissolving the JMA and Miller chose not to respond to the question. Rice also posed the same question for member Carlos Martinez, who has supported the discussion of the issue at an Alton School Board meeting previously, and he also chose not respond.

The board approved foreign exchange students that will attend the school next year and will arrive in August. These students will be coming in from Program of Academic Exchange (PAX). The students are from Thailand, Siberia, Palestine, Germany and France.

There was discussion about the improvement of instruction fund by the board. Landry and Miller disagreed on how much money should be in the fund. Landry said the idea was to get it up to a level around $100,000, where each year it simply would have to be replenished by the amount the teachers use each year.

The board approved the minutes of the March 4 meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the Prospect Mountain High School Board is on Tuesday, May 6, at 6:30 p.m. at the Prospect Mountain High School library.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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