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Off and running

Prospect track gets off to a strong start

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

CODY SYMONDS (left) takes the baton from Nate Farnham in the 4X400-meter relay on Saturday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
April 14, 2014
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain track team had a busy first week, with a pair of meets just a couple of days apart, but the Timber Wolves pushed through with some solid results.

Both meets featured mostly running events, as the wet ground kept throwing and most jumping events grounded, though the high jump did go on at the Timber Wolves' home meet on Saturday, April 12.

Coach John Tuttle was pleased with the performance at both the home meet and the first meet of the season, at Winnisquam on April 10.

"A good indication, at Winnisquam, we won every event," he said of the boys' team. "We're strong, we have a lot of good middle distance guys.

"And we have some good sprinters and Mark (Jannini) is a good hurdler," he continued. "We're spread out, really."

The Timber Wolves were dominant in the relays at the home meet on Saturday.

In the 4X800-meter relay that kicked off the day, the Timber Wolf team of Shane McCartney, Dylan Tuttle, Drew Tuttle and Wyatt Siegler raced to first place in 8:58.06, while the Timber Wolf team of Cody Symonds, Mike Fife, Julian Brown and Hudson Ingoldsby finished second in 9:05.35.

In the closing scoring event of the day, the Timber Wolf team of Hannah LaCroix, Kelcey Marsan, Micaela McIntyre and Jamie Fogell finished first in 5:01.78, while the boys' team of Logan LaRoche, McCartney, Nate Farnham and Symonds was first in 3:40.76. The team of Nick Hughes, David Troy, Doug Krivitsky and Ingoldsby was third in 3:56.7.

Coach Tuttle compared that time to the first meet last year, when the Timber Wolves finished in 4:02.

In between, in the 4X100-meter relay, the Prospect girls' team of LaCroix, McIntyre, Kathryn McGinnis and Lexi Normandin took first in a time of 58.48. For the boys, it was the team of Farnham, Jeremy Woodbury, LaRoche and Alex Rayno racing to first in 47.8 seconds.

There were plenty of individual wins for the Timber Wolves as well. In the 3,200 meters, Drew Tuttle won in 10:22, while Dylan Tuttle was third in 11:07 and Siegler was fourth in 11:57. Alley Rogers was first for the girls in a time of 13:57 and Signe Therrien was third in 14:56.

In the hurdles, Prospect won three events. Normandin won the 100-meter hurdles for the girls in 18.31 seconds, with Ally Cleary in fourth in 19.53. Jannini won the 110-meter hurdles for the boys in 16.75 seconds. He also won the 300-meter hurdles for the boys in 45.36 seconds. Cleary was second for the girls in 1:00.54 and Normandin was third in 1:03.78.

Alex Rayno won the 100 meters in a time of 11.55 seconds and also won the 200 meters in a time of 24.48. Also in the 100 meters, Woodbury finished in 12.53, Farnham finished in 12.88, Hunter Kierstead finished in 13.31, Chase Plante finished in 13.41, Jake Roy finished in 14.27 and George Hodgman crossed in 14.88. In the 200, LaRoche was third in 25.58, with Hughes in sixth in 26.17 seconds. Troy finished in 26.51, Justin Jannini finished in 27.08, Krivitsky crossed in 28 seconds, Plante finished in 28.49 and Alex Bennett finished in 30.32.

In the 800 meters for the boys, Symonds paced the field in 2:00.7, while Brown crossed in 2:32, Alex Fife finished in 2:45 and Drury finished in 2:45.9. For the girls, Jenica Locke finished seventh in 3:11, with Shelby Therrien in 3:18 and Amanda Zaino in 3:51.

For the 1,600 meters, Rogers led the girls in a time of 6:09, while for the boys, it was Mike Fife in second in 4:55.

In the high jump for the boys, Ingoldsby was second at five feet, six inches, with Dylan Tuttle in third at five feet, two inches.

In the 400 meters, Krivitsky led the Prospect boys in fourth place in 1:01.33, with Jack Doherty in sixth in 1:02.8. For the girls, Fogell was third in 1:12.

In the 200 for the girls, McGinnis was Prospect's top finisher, placing third overall in 31.7 seconds. Aspen Ladieu finished in 33.6 seconds, Mariah Marston crossed in 36.37 seconds and Marsan crossed in 40.2.

In the 100 meters for the girls, Fogell was second overall in 14.73 seconds, with LaCroix in fourth in 14.98. McIntyre finished in 15.4 seconds. Ladieu finished in 16.04, Sarah Mayberry crossed in 16.3 and Katie Sepulveda finished in 16.5 and Marston finished in 16.61.

"We've only been on the track for a week," coach Tuttle noted. "But running is really our strength.

"We've had some good teams at Prospect Mountain, but this is as good as any of those teams," he continued. "We're probably more balanced."

The Timber Wolves will be at Belmont on Saturday, April 19, at 10 a.m.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com

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