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Short and sweet in New Durham

Town Meeting lasts just an hour and a half

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
March 25, 2014
NEW DURHAM — The New Durham Town Meeting was held one week after its originally scheduled time, on Wednesday, March 19, and it lasted only an hour and half and every article was approved without much debate amongst the registered voters in attendance.

David Curry was recognized for his contributions to the town, including serving as the chairman on the budget committee.

Cecile Chase, the moderator, spoke about Barbara J. Hunter, who passed away on June 2 of last year. She read words submitted by Dot Veisel, who was unable to attend the town meeting.

Kristin Bernier presented the Volunteer of the Year award to Celeste Chasse.

The results of the election were reviewed, and then the nine articles were approved by the townspeople in attendance at the New Durham School.

Article 4 is to raise and appropriate the budget committee's recommended amount for a budget for the operating budget of the town totaling $2,917,253. Curry spoke in favor of the article and it was unanimously approved.

Article 5 is to raise and appropriate $36,618 for the Police Cruiser Capital Reserve Fund, and Chief Shawn Bernier explained the reasoning for the article and it was unanimously approved.

Article 6, for milfoil treatment, and Article 7, for the Road Surface Management System, were approved without much discussion at all.

Article 8 is to raise the sum of $20,000 for the purchase and installation of a fuel pump system at the Tash Road property, and it was approved without any discussion.

Article 9 raised and appropriated a total of $221,722 to support a total of 12 capital reserve funds already established, and it was unanimously approved.

Article 10 raised and appropriated a total of $32,750 to be placed in the previously established expendable trust funds. This included $12,250 for computer systems and office equipment, $500 for record management and $20,000 for town building improvement.

An attempt to change the figure in the computer line from $12,250 to $1,500 was proposed, but that amendment failed and article was ultimately approved with no changes to the amount.

There was some discussion about Article 11, which was a petition warrant article that addressed a resolution and proposed a constitutional amendment regarding the Citizen's United Supreme Court ruling. The measure was passed after a brief discussion about how confusing the wording was in the article.

Article 12 was to conduct any other business before the townspeople and there was discussion about recognizing the efforts of the police and fire department employees with some type of day dedicated to their service to the town.

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