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Selectmen races provide plenty of action

Bickford, Johnson, LaCourse, Houle and Tiede are the winners

by Joshua Spaulding
Editor - The Baysider
March 12, 2014
REGION — While there were only a few contested races on the ballots in our local towns, voters did have some choices to make.


Barnstead voters had the most choices of any of the three local towns as far as town and school district races.

In a three-way battle for two seats on the Barnstead Board of Selectmen, incumbent Priscilla Tiede (484) and challenger Andy Houle (382) earned seats, beating incumbent Francis Vardaro (273).

In the three-year seat for road agent, James Doucette, who has been serving as interim road agent, defeated former road agent Chris Carazzo 515 to 200.

There were two races for three planning board seats. In the race for a two-year term, Dana Frenette (328) defeated Bruce Grey (269). In the race for two three-year seats, Karen Schacht (418) and Kathy Preston (405) defeated Huguette Masse-Belanger (238).

All other town races were uncontested. Judith Forsyth (608) will serve six years as supervisor of the checklist, Karen Montgomery (586) will serve as trustee of the trust funds for three years, for library trustee, Heather Carter (590) will serve one year and Suzanne Allison (576) will serve three years, for planning board Danielle Krause (564) will serve two years and William Haynes (484) and Alan Glassman (466) will serve for three years, Elaine Swinford (576) will serve one year as overseer of public welfare and Chris Hipkiss (527) will serve as moderator for two years.

Also on the ballot were three zoning ordinance questions. Question 1 changed the sunset date from April 1, 2014 to April 1, 2019 in Article 12, section 12-16 and it passed 361-269. Question 3 was changing the definition of a trailer and it passed 390-238. The closest question was question 2, changing the sign ordinance, which passed by a narrow 308-304 margin.

On the school ballot, there were no contested races. Maureen Fitzpatrick will return to the school board for three years, while Genevieve Michaud received 286 write-in votes for the other open seat. Hipkiss (618) will serve another year as moderator and Lynette Rose (585) will serve one year as clerk. Paul Landry received 21 write-in votes for a one-year term as treasurer.


Alton voters had just one race to decide, with incumbent Cydney Johnson (517) and challenger Lou LaCourse (503) defeating Phil Wittmann (470) for two three-year seats on the Alton Board of Selectmen.

David St. Cyr (716) will serve as trustee of the trust funds for three years, Ruth Messier (757) will serve three years as library trustee and Mark DiVito received 32 write-in votes for the other seat. Mark Northridge (781) will serve two years as moderator, Germaine Glidden (723) will serve three years as cemetery trustee, Paul White (692) will serve three years as water commissioner, Bill Curtin (634) and Roger Sample (632) will both serve three years on the planning board and Paul Larochelle (637) and Paul Monzione (612) will serve three-year terms on the zoning board. Roger Nelson received 17 write-in votes for a three-year budget committee seat and Stephanie Pearce received 37 write-in votes for a six-year term as supervisor of the checklist.

On the school district ballot, there were no contested races. Sandy Wyatt (758) will return for three years on the school board, Robin Lane (759) will be moderator for one year, Linda Roy (790) will be clerk for one year and Shirley Lane (745) will be treasurer for three years.

New Durham

In addition to a race for a three-year seat on the board of selectmen, New Durham voters also had to choose whether or not to go to an SB2 form of town government, eliminating Town Meeting in favor of a deliberative session and ballot voting on all warrant articles.

Both races proved to not be close.

Article II, which needed a 3/5 majority, cruised through with the New Durham voters by a vote of 435 to 95, meaning this year's Town Meeting will be the town's last.

In the race for a three-year seat on the New Durham Board of Selectmen, former Selectman David Bickford easily outpaced two other challengers for the seat being vacated by Jeff Kratovil.

Bickford received 342 votes to 169 for Rudy Rosiello and 16 for Robert Kroepel.

The remainder of the races were uncontested. Cecile Chase received 444 votes for a two-year moderator, Robert Craycraft (347) and Paul Raslavicus (309) will each serve three years on the planning board, Anneleen Loughlin (422) will serve as supervisor of the checklist for six years, Denis Martin (436) will be cemetery trustee for three years, John Michaud (355) and William Meyer (354) will each serve three years as library trustees and Angela Pruitt (390) will serve three years as trustee of the trust fund.

New Durham voters also gave the nod to Kenney (360) over Cryans (141) in the executive council race.

Voters also approved both amendments to the New Durham Zoning and Land Use Ordinance by wide margins.


New Durham voters joined the other five towns in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District in voting for five warrant articles and four positions.

The only contested position was for a three-year seat as the Wolfeboro member, where incumbent Stacy Trites (2,379) defeated challenger Robert Jones (800). Trites won New Durham 225-155.

Article II, setting money aside for the turf field replacement, passed 2,558 to 1,263 (285-232 in New Durham). Article III, money for general repairs and maintenance, passed 2,752 to 1,092 (319-200 in New Durham). Article IV, accepting a tuition agreement with Middleton, passed 3,033 to 790 (385-129 in New Durham). This is contingent on Middleton votes. Article V, the operating budget, passed 2,840 to 903 (360-141 in New Durham).

James Manning (2,926) will return to as Brookfield's representative to the board, Charlene Seibel (2,772) will return as the member at large and Randy Walker (3,219) will return as moderator.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com

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