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Only nine articles on agenda for New Durham Town Meeting

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
March 04, 2014
NEW DURHAM — When voters head to the New Durham Elementary School on March 12 for the annual town meeting at 7 p.m. they will already know the result of the vote to change from SB1 to SB2 and there are only a total nine articles scheduled to be discussed.

Article 11 is a petition article that asks the town to vote to approve on the following resolution:

"That the New Hampshire State Legislature join nearly 500 municipalities and 16 other states, including all other New England states, in calling upon Congress to move forward a constitutional amendment that guarantees the right of our elected representatives and of the American people to safeguard fair elections through authority to regulate political spending, and clarifies that constitutional rights were established for people, not corporations."

The article continues: "That the New Hampshire Congressional delegation supports such a constitutional amendment. That the New Hampshire State Legislature support such an amendment once it is approved by Congress and sent to the State for ratification.

"The record of the vote approving this article shall be transmitted by written notice to New Durham's congressional delegation, and to New Durham's state legislators, and to the President of the United States informing them of the instructions from their constituents by the selectmen within 30 days of the vote."

The last article is to conduct any other business that may legally come before the town.

Article 4 is for the budget, with a bottom-line of $2,917,253, and doesn't include special or individual articles addressed in other warrant articles.

Article 5 is to raise and appropriate $35,618 for a new police cruiser and to authorize the withdrawal of said sum from the Police Cruiser Capital Reserve Fund created for this purpose. This new cruiser will replace the 2006 cruiser, in accordance with the Capital Improvement Plan.

Article 6 is to raise and appropriate $11,000 from the Milfoil Capital Reserve Fund and to accept $7,200 to come from a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Exotic Species Program.

Article 7 is to raise and appropriate $215,651 for the purpose of the Road Surface Management System for 2014. The sum is partially offset by the Highway Block Grant Aid, with $102,840 to come from capital reserve fund and $53,005 to come from the unassigned fund balance.

Article 8 is to raise and appropriate $20,000 for the purchase and installation of a fuel pump system at the Tash Road town property and to approve the withdrawal of $20,000 from the Fuel Pump Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 9 is to raise and appropriate $271,722 to be placed in the previously established capital reserve funds as follows: $60,192 for highway truck, $22,500 for police cruiser, $20,000 for revaluation, $5,000 for 1772 Meeting House Restoration, $47,030 for fire truck, $10,000 for highway equipment, $1,000 of library facilities, $1,000 for library technologies, $3,000 for Smith Ball Field and equipment, $12,000 for milfoil removal, $75,000 for road reconstruction, $5,000 for solid waste facilities improvement, $10,000 for fuel pumps.

Article 10 is to raise and appropriate $32,750 to be placed in expendable trust funds as follows: $12,250 for computer systems and office equipment, $500 for record management, $20,000 for town building improvement.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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